Wednesday, March 5, 2008


bayangkan a bouncing ball....thats how i'm feeling rite now..i feel like bouncing here and a ball bouncing off a wall...*toing*toing*toing* :-D

don't really know what made me have this feeling...

mungkinkah sebab i dapat buku free today? its a translated english book yang mendapat gelaran 'the next harry pott*er' or something like that...have you guys heard or tunnels? i dapat the bm version and i bought the english book last week...nak kena buat review...2 books to read! so many books, so little time! :-D it the good cup of coffee and 12 (yes, 12!) yummy-licious cheesecakes at The Lo*af today? (i went for a food review-lah tadi... :-) ) the cakes are soooo sedap! really!! makin tembamlah i like this! :-P

the sight of beautiful and much desired charm bracelet? (i saw one at Thomas Sabo The Pavi*lion today)..? (cannot afford it, they are so mahal but-oh-so pretty!! - if i total up the whole charms i want sekali)....nevertheless, it was nice seeing all the bracelets etc...

the fact i went home early? habis assignment pukul 6 je, terus cabut balik... :-D

.. is because i've been calling a few old and much missed friends?

or is it because i can finally watch the real latest season of csi? (no reruns over ast*ro yang cakap new season padahal NOT! chait!)...

eventho i kena marah by a columnist (who happens to be my contact) sebab the bosses tak tulis 'gambar hiasan' over her article and the pix in a way takde kaitan with it...

or frustrated due to the fact that i've been waiting for s*p*r to confirm my permohonan for an interview tapi perasan jadi the 'boss' they takde nak bgtau that my emails and fax dah sampai..i called and as usual the answer "dah terima tapi kami akan call maklumkan permohonan itu"..cheh, nak kena tunggu oink oink berterbangan dahulu kot baru diaorang akan tepon...i hate menulis surat and do whatever they ask us to do tapi aleh-aleh, bukannya helpful langsung pun. what is wrong with this kakitangan keraj*aan??

.. i still rasa this way....weeee~! gila hyper ok?

how lah nak tidur like this??

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