Saturday, March 8, 2008


we are going to Krabi!!!!!
after 3 days off endless trying, akhirnya dapat tickets! (package from air*asia, actually)..
actually salah i juga coz didn't know that if u guna m*b*f card and nak beli tickets or big purchases online, u have to activate this securecode...
nasib baik terasa nak call the customer service (eventho it was tgh malam), kalau tak, sah-sah pergi perhen*tian... :-P
i'm jumping for joy almost everytime teringat nak pergi!
fikir pasal Krabi jer, terasa i can go tru another 8 days of work...

not really happy this last few weeks...monyok je bila pikir nak kena pergi kerja..
i've been working eventho i'm sick..
last few weeks i was down with flu+cold and a couple of days ago, migraines...and i still work...
quality macm hampeh coz how to concentrate coz u are sick, rite..?

oklah ada hikmah juga bila kerja masa made me think about my life and the future ... :-D

anyway,.....we are going to Krabi!!
3 days, 2 nites of sand, beach, the ocean!!!
best of all, no work!!!!!



Queen Of The House said...

Bestnya nak pergi holiday!!

I almost terdouble, maybe triple booked recently (with MAS) bcos of the *secure* thing ... I was using Visa and it was a Verify by Visa thing. Leceh betul. But no Krabi or anywhere interesting lah ... cuma nak balik AS (negeri hijau kuning .... or is it now hijau putih????) for school reunion.

Bidadari said...

Aunty L, balik AS, bawa pulang dadih mangkuk kecik with pulut bakar can ah? hehehehe...just kidding. but boy, i sure miss that dadih! dulu papa kata the guy who made it died so that i will stop asking about them everytime we were in AS. turned out, mak chaq and mak teh ida cakap the guy is still alive and baru balik semula kedah. he was in kl all this while. :-P

funny that we don;t know about the securethingy beforehand kan? ke dia cakap dalam bill but we tak nampak?

have fun at the reunion!! mesti best jumpa gang lama!