Thursday, March 27, 2008

saya teraniaya!

i don't know how to feel...marah + sedih at the same time...well, i nangis dah tadi....


well, i received an invitation from the pr agency yang handle o*lympus. 3 days trip from kl-kerteh-redang to test out their latest camera and ada this environ awareness program...i was so teruja when i received the email/invite...last year i went for their 4x4 trip kat tanjung malim (boss yang bagi) and i had such a blast (mana reti ambil gambar pun masa tu tapi other media and the o*lympus staff yang ada were really-really helpful..)and i wrote a pretty ok article using the pictures i took after that...

i printed out the email and bagi kat dragonlady and said "saya nak pergi trip ni"..she said yes and we discussed on the features that i could being such a good person, pergilah isi borang tugasan luar (minta permission and elaun kerja) and bagi to the Big Boss to validate.

i bagi the borang the same nite and tanya if boleh pergi or not to the BB, he said nnt dia tgk and since the trip is end of april, dia kata tak perlu rush. i was like..what?? i dah nak bercuti masa tu and the agency surely nak confirmation awal la kan? dia tak pikir that sense ka??

anyhow...i went bercuti and the 1st (or isit matter) day of work, Lady Boss (lagi tinggi pangkat daripada DL, cakap BB tak bagi i pergi and she would assign a journo from the state pergi.

i was crushed sebab kenapa i tak dapat pergi, whereas ppl from other desk boleh je pergi state or overseas trip...dah lah plak the trip yg i nak pergi ni fully sponsored and i asked for elaun bodoh jer. (minta pun sebab its my right as a pekerja when u go tempat lain to do work).

tapi i redha la sebab ada gak org nak pergi as this contact is really close to us. (the pr wasn;t happy that kena hantar budak state and oped that dak kl pergi. i said the decision is not at my hand, so takleh nak cakap apa..)

i bgtau DL and dia pun marah lah kenapa nak kena suruh budak state pergi and takkan nak budak kl ni duduk and buat story around kl jer....tak berkembang langsung...and she told me kecoh sikit kenapa i dapat pergi. wtf? i bukan pergi suka-suka like that, plus it was my contact and my boss said ok...

aleh-aleh today, a colleague of mine (sama office) bgtau that she is going for the trip yg i nak pergi tu. i takdelah marah or jealous kat dia. not her fault that BL bg the asgmet to her tapi i was terkejut and crushed. gila babi patah semangat nak kerja ok?

kata nak hantar budak state tapi rupanya hantar same office. kenapa tak je cakap yg diaorg mmg taknak hantar i and give me a God damn reason. kalau prestasi kerja i merosot pun, let me know lah. ni tak, not a single word and lepas tu buat cam ni sekali.

gila terasa sangat-sangat teraniaya! i HATE this job. i hate the politics.

i guess kena terima the decision and cakap takde rezeki. but still i tak puas hati kenapa buat mcm tu sekali. gila babi cold blooded cruel.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

dream bags

since i dah kena tag by Tun, better buat entry ni dulu...cerita Krabi boleh buat later-later bila time betul-betul dah free...:-)

hmm...i do love bags but takdelah banyak bag pun sebenarnya...i'm more about shoes rather than choice of bags varies...anything that caught my attention, i pakai beli jer....pemakaian bergantung pada occasion...sometimes i love funky bags, and at time, more conservative..whateveritis, i dont really like bags yang besar2...

why? coz rasa bag besar menenggelamkan is how u wear them and jangan biar they overpower u...

since i don't really have the pulus to buy designer bags, so can only dream about it je lah...

What is your ultimate dream bag? (imagine takde sebarang budget limit)

As fashion changes according to season, my choice of bags pun bertukar....but the bags that almost always caught my attention are from Tod's, Salvatore Ferragamo, Furla, Herm├Ęs and the occasional, Coach...

here's a few choices..

Fendi Spy Bag

Gucci Indy Large Top Handle Bag ( i like something similar to this)

Coach Madeline Leather Bussiness Tote,
below : Gucci Queen Middle Top Handle Bag

What is your must have bag? - A bag you promise yourself to buy one day
Gosh! thats is a hard far yang i ingat is the one at Tod's tapi since i'm not really the person yang suka splurge gila-gila, i could always dream je la dulu..but if tetiba RM datang dengan banyak sekali yang membolehkan i beli the bag, would definitely pilih premium designer's tapi yg mana satu, tak tahu lah...i have this knack to change my mind quiet often...

What is your 'next' in list bag? - Bag yang gerenti akan dibeli next
hehehehe...since kat atas ni semua dream bags, in this part, is the bag yang i mmg nak sangat and planning to buy really least one of it lah...(i know can get ciplak ones kat Sg Wang or PS Boutique but then, nak juga satu yang ori.. :-D )

LeSportsac Eve Bag (kiri : Jolie print. kanan: Mayfair print)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I [heart] Krabi

We're back!!
More stories on Krabi to come! :-D

Monday, March 17, 2008


i know this is overdue sebab berlaku semalam but since yesterday i penat tahap gila tak larat, so tulislah today...

yesterday sabb, nana and i pergi brekkie and pedi/mani di bang*sar...thank you sabb for the suggestion! b'fast was great! had coffee, mixed fruits and the mst yummylicious flapjacks i've ever tasted so far di d*lish. sebut pasal it pun buat terliur ok?? seriously sedap!

now ada lagi great place to eat esp when i'm berjalan alone ke apa.. :-)

mani/pedi in term of being bersama with nana and sabb was great! but the place, hmmm...takdelah best sangat. really a dissapointment, really.

we wanted to go at st*rip tapi since its sunday, not really a suprised that it was full yesterday. so i suggested kat sabb that why don't we go to kuk*uba*r.

you see, i've always heard of kuk*uba*r and wanted to go to that place since baca banyaklah article about it...tgk gambar macam cantik and all....made the appointment for three..masuk-masuk je the place my expectation terus punah.

the place is really ok je lah, takleha comfy-momfy like i imagine and see kat dalam mags/papers...i guess age and other competitions around the place have taken its toll. the place nampak..hmm..lama...

nak je pergi tempat lain masa masuk tu tapi since i dah janji the place, we all tahan jelah...i assumed that service might be better.

well, for me service betterlah sebab the therapist quite ok, i think nana tak suka hers coz a bit kasar (bukan cara percakapan tetapi therapy) and i tak sure about sabb....i lucky lah juga...

i ingatkan only one kuku yang tercedera coz terpotong the cuticle lebih, but bila mandi, i could feel 80% of all my nails yang pedih...gila tak tahan. nasib baik today dah better....

so sorry girls. next time kta pergi strip. kalau tak pun, dalam bangsa*r village2 ada a couple of nails place (which i'm sure better than semalam)...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


No...i'm not having morning sickness ke apa...more like getting sick and tired of work...i've been bit*ching about work to Abi for the last couple of weeks and pretty sure he's sick of that too.. :-)

arrghhh..esok off tapi still banyak nak kena siapkan. if not, mati kena sembelih la nanti by dragonlady and another boss (which is pangkat lagi tinggi lah)...sama ada they will call you during cuti or they will bising (and prolly transfer you to another desk) bila habis cuti....*sigh*

whateveritis, i'm sick sick sick of work.! esok nak pergi brekkie, pedi/manicure with Sabb (and prolly Nana too) di Bangsar and after that, masuk office...

bukan mengular ye tuan-puan, but esok my cuti dah officially start but unoffically i still have to work. so, masuk office pun ikut suka lah juga. takpelah kerja 8 jam and claim couble pay lah esok gayanya.. :-P ...

so, thats the reason why i haven't been updating this blog. busy...busy sangat! semalam balik-balik dari office (dalam pukul 10+pm) terus "tidur macam kayu" - which basically means tidur mati.

*sigh* not healthy langsung!

and today hari sabtu and i'm still at the office trying to finish some work. penat penat penat. baru balik putrajaya, assignment yang sangat lama....

sebelum i membosankan you guys, i should stop and sambung kerja...*sigh*

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pilihan Raya Ke-12

I've exercised my right to vote today. For the first time, since my name was registered in the electorial roll on my 21st Birthday, I voted. (I missed the previous election due to the fact i was living in Langkawi, working and it was a hassle nak balik kl masa tu..oklah, not to mention, i malas) :-D

Saluran 5

Thats where i went to cast my vote. Let me tell you, it was nervewrecking!

I went there tengahari (kinda show my 'enthusiasm' kan?) whereas my parents pergi awal pagi lagi..and i wasn't sure who to vote for pun, even until i was parking my car at the end of the parking space in front of the Kafa. As i was walking toward the tempat mengundi, i could see 2 khemah PKR and BN thats filled with their supporters, hoping to fish in more last minute support from the voters...

didn't go to any of the khemah. My mind and heart was set : cast your vote and then terus cabut. buat muka rilex jer (padahal kat dalam jiwa, bergolak sebab nervous tak ingat) and walk slowly ke dalam kafa tu...

police where everywhere...bukan je kat depan the kafa, in fact maning setiap the saluran (or rather kelas) mengundi. selepas menunjukkan my i/c yang ada gambar muka i sembap sebab baru habis menangis tu, i masuk the bilik and again, had to show my ic yang buruk name was called outloud by the register guy dalam bilik tu. He and a couple other s*p*r personal also crossed my name from their respective list. given my kertas mengundi. yellow and orange. *blink*blink*.

semua orang muka serious (xcpt the 2 policemen yang lead me to my voting room tu je yang senyum kat i..)..yang lain, i nak senyum pun takut.

there was 2 booth mengundi in that class and i took the furthest one..buka je terus *blink*blink* lagi. "God nak mengundi mana ni??" blur gila ok?!

i seriously took my time, sampai ada org kena tunggu i! hahahahaha..padahal sebelum tu mana ada line pun. :-P

so tempted nak buat split votes tapi i resisted. dah tanda yang mana i nak..terus masukkan dalam the peti undi transparent tu and keluar from the class. my heart was beating fast thoroughout the whole procees!

evenwhen i was walking to my car, jantung berdegup laju. i just pray that i made the right decision.

as i was walking, lalu depan khemah p*K*r (B*n's was at the other end), which was across the road and one guy was said to me : "So kita boleh tgk harga minyak turun la, ye?". that made me chuckle (he was laughing with me) and then i terus masuk kereta.

he managed to distract my nervousness and i continued home. now, papa and myself kat living room tgh dgr the announcement. it will be a long night.


we are going to Krabi!!!!!
after 3 days off endless trying, akhirnya dapat tickets! (package from air*asia, actually)..
actually salah i juga coz didn't know that if u guna m*b*f card and nak beli tickets or big purchases online, u have to activate this securecode...
nasib baik terasa nak call the customer service (eventho it was tgh malam), kalau tak, sah-sah pergi perhen*tian... :-P
i'm jumping for joy almost everytime teringat nak pergi!
fikir pasal Krabi jer, terasa i can go tru another 8 days of work...

not really happy this last few weeks...monyok je bila pikir nak kena pergi kerja..
i've been working eventho i'm sick..
last few weeks i was down with flu+cold and a couple of days ago, migraines...and i still work...
quality macm hampeh coz how to concentrate coz u are sick, rite..?

oklah ada hikmah juga bila kerja masa made me think about my life and the future ... :-D

anyway,.....we are going to Krabi!!
3 days, 2 nites of sand, beach, the ocean!!!
best of all, no work!!!!!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


bayangkan a bouncing ball....thats how i'm feeling rite now..i feel like bouncing here and a ball bouncing off a wall...*toing*toing*toing* :-D

don't really know what made me have this feeling...

mungkinkah sebab i dapat buku free today? its a translated english book yang mendapat gelaran 'the next harry pott*er' or something like that...have you guys heard or tunnels? i dapat the bm version and i bought the english book last week...nak kena buat review...2 books to read! so many books, so little time! :-D it the good cup of coffee and 12 (yes, 12!) yummy-licious cheesecakes at The Lo*af today? (i went for a food review-lah tadi... :-) ) the cakes are soooo sedap! really!! makin tembamlah i like this! :-P

the sight of beautiful and much desired charm bracelet? (i saw one at Thomas Sabo The Pavi*lion today)..? (cannot afford it, they are so mahal but-oh-so pretty!! - if i total up the whole charms i want sekali)....nevertheless, it was nice seeing all the bracelets etc...

the fact i went home early? habis assignment pukul 6 je, terus cabut balik... :-D

.. is because i've been calling a few old and much missed friends?

or is it because i can finally watch the real latest season of csi? (no reruns over ast*ro yang cakap new season padahal NOT! chait!)...

eventho i kena marah by a columnist (who happens to be my contact) sebab the bosses tak tulis 'gambar hiasan' over her article and the pix in a way takde kaitan with it...

or frustrated due to the fact that i've been waiting for s*p*r to confirm my permohonan for an interview tapi perasan jadi the 'boss' they takde nak bgtau that my emails and fax dah sampai..i called and as usual the answer "dah terima tapi kami akan call maklumkan permohonan itu"..cheh, nak kena tunggu oink oink berterbangan dahulu kot baru diaorang akan tepon...i hate menulis surat and do whatever they ask us to do tapi aleh-aleh, bukannya helpful langsung pun. what is wrong with this kakitangan keraj*aan??

.. i still rasa this way....weeee~! gila hyper ok?

how lah nak tidur like this??