Saturday, March 15, 2008


No...i'm not having morning sickness ke apa...more like getting sick and tired of work...i've been bit*ching about work to Abi for the last couple of weeks and pretty sure he's sick of that too.. :-)

arrghhh..esok off tapi still banyak nak kena siapkan. if not, mati kena sembelih la nanti by dragonlady and another boss (which is pangkat lagi tinggi lah)...sama ada they will call you during cuti or they will bising (and prolly transfer you to another desk) bila habis cuti....*sigh*

whateveritis, i'm sick sick sick of work.! esok nak pergi brekkie, pedi/manicure with Sabb (and prolly Nana too) di Bangsar and after that, masuk office...

bukan mengular ye tuan-puan, but esok my cuti dah officially start but unoffically i still have to work. so, masuk office pun ikut suka lah juga. takpelah kerja 8 jam and claim couble pay lah esok gayanya.. :-P ...

so, thats the reason why i haven't been updating this blog. busy...busy sangat! semalam balik-balik dari office (dalam pukul 10+pm) terus "tidur macam kayu" - which basically means tidur mati.

*sigh* not healthy langsung!

and today hari sabtu and i'm still at the office trying to finish some work. penat penat penat. baru balik putrajaya, assignment yang sangat lama....

sebelum i membosankan you guys, i should stop and sambung kerja...*sigh*


miSs inTerpReted said...

babe!!! it was nice to have breakkie with you and nana and that mani/pedi later. BEST. tapi prolly we shld go to strip ajer next time. *hugs* take care

Hakimin said...

Salam Anne,

You have been tagged.

So dah start cuti? Have fun at Krabi.

Bidadari said...

Sabb...yes, i had fun with you guys too! the first of many, i;m sure :-D plus it has been ages since buat pedi/mani! oh, and yesterday was the first time i pergi dlish and got to say thank you to you. i like it! sampai sekarang teringat the banana flapjacks! *drool* yes, next time kita pergi strip sebab i think the place is waaaaayyy better than cuticles pedih..salah potong kot. *ouch*. next time nak pergi buat their spa mani/pedi! (my friend recommended that its good).

Kimin, tagged? waaa takut nie...can u please give me your blog add boleh? i tak ingat coz aritu bookmarked kat office's pc. :-P