Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pilihan Raya Ke-12

I've exercised my right to vote today. For the first time, since my name was registered in the electorial roll on my 21st Birthday, I voted. (I missed the previous election due to the fact i was living in Langkawi, working and it was a hassle nak balik kl masa tu..oklah, not to mention, i malas) :-D

Saluran 5

Thats where i went to cast my vote. Let me tell you, it was nervewrecking!

I went there tengahari (kinda show my 'enthusiasm' kan?) whereas my parents pergi awal pagi lagi..and i wasn't sure who to vote for pun, even until i was parking my car at the end of the parking space in front of the Kafa. As i was walking toward the tempat mengundi, i could see 2 khemah PKR and BN thats filled with their supporters, hoping to fish in more last minute support from the voters...

didn't go to any of the khemah. My mind and heart was set : cast your vote and then terus cabut. buat muka rilex jer (padahal kat dalam jiwa, bergolak sebab nervous tak ingat) and walk slowly ke dalam kafa tu...

police where everywhere...bukan je kat depan the kafa, in fact maning setiap the saluran (or rather kelas) mengundi. selepas menunjukkan my i/c yang ada gambar muka i sembap sebab baru habis menangis tu, i masuk the bilik and again, had to show my ic yang buruk name was called outloud by the register guy dalam bilik tu. He and a couple other s*p*r personal also crossed my name from their respective list. given my kertas mengundi. yellow and orange. *blink*blink*.

semua orang muka serious (xcpt the 2 policemen yang lead me to my voting room tu je yang senyum kat i..)..yang lain, i nak senyum pun takut.

there was 2 booth mengundi in that class and i took the furthest one..buka je terus *blink*blink* lagi. "God nak mengundi mana ni??" blur gila ok?!

i seriously took my time, sampai ada org kena tunggu i! hahahahaha..padahal sebelum tu mana ada line pun. :-P

so tempted nak buat split votes tapi i resisted. dah tanda yang mana i nak..terus masukkan dalam the peti undi transparent tu and keluar from the class. my heart was beating fast thoroughout the whole procees!

evenwhen i was walking to my car, jantung berdegup laju. i just pray that i made the right decision.

as i was walking, lalu depan khemah p*K*r (B*n's was at the other end), which was across the road and one guy was said to me : "So kita boleh tgk harga minyak turun la, ye?". that made me chuckle (he was laughing with me) and then i terus masuk kereta.

he managed to distract my nervousness and i continued home. now, papa and myself kat living room tgh dgr the announcement. it will be a long night.

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cik ayang said...

mungkinkah berdebar-debar kerana calon yg anda undi itew? hihi.. apa2pun tahniah kerana melaksanakan duty anda sebagai rakyat malaysia.. hehe