Monday, June 7, 2010

Hitting the big 3-0!

My vain moment as soon as I hit 30 :-P

Alhamdullilah I've turned 30 the last couple of months...
Yes, this entry is late.
But for those who knows me well, lateness and johanna goes hand-in-hand. hahaha.

Anyway, about turning 30.

My fashion is definitely waaay different from before.
No longer tiny baby-tee that shows my lower back (and hopefully not the butt crack..ewww)..
Since I wear the hijab, most of my bajus are hopefully decent enough, tho, not too makcik-makcik...
For me now, clothes means practical = being able to chase and dukung dahlia with ease.
Hijabwise, whatever senang. and kalau boleh tak perlu nak iron. :-)

Turning 30, is just like turning 20....25...29.
No big celebration.
Just a beautiful, normal day with the family and a yummylicious new york cheesecake fitri buatkan di tengah-tengah malam.. :-)

30 years have past and i would like to say that i've had the time of my life.
one great 'adventure', learning, ups and downs after another.

some of the highlights :
* worked (illegally) for the 1st time when i was 15
* worked in a toy store while waiting for my spm results
* matriks kat a converted shopping complex before tercampak di kem bina semangat sebab kampus baru lambat siap
* failed economics while in the 1st year (ironically i now write for the economics desk) and kena retake, which i barely passed.
* worked in an awesome outdoor education centre as a trainer (and sometime buruh kasar) and planning coordinator (something like the hr officer).
* boyfriends, crushes and now, husband (which was my 1st crush!)
* trying time that tested relationships, love and faith.
* motherhood :-)

some of the things that i wish to do before i hit 6-0
* of course, go umrah and haji
* travel to vietnam, cambodia before modernisation destroys the heritage
* run a marathon or
* join in a triathlon
* learn to swim (hahah..ada lesen diving, able to kayak really well pun tak berapa reti swim)
* learn to bake and decorate beautiful cakes and cookies
* able to cook ala chef wan and jamie o
* become an editor-in-chief, if i'm still in the media industry
* going caving in mulu
* teach my kids about learning how to use the map (a real map, not the gps ones) and compass.