Monday, March 28, 2011

The day my least fave purple shirt turned to out to be my lucky charm....

It was like any other working day...
Except this time, I was actually early for an assignment. LoL.
Due to that, I was asked by the PR company if I wanted to join Tes*co SuperMarke*t Sweep Challenge with two other media and seven top Tesc*o Clubcard members...
Since I had to wait another 30 mins for the main event to start (and nak makan lunch pun macam tak sempat je), I said yes...

You see, the participants had to compete with each other to hunt down 50 Price Cut product items (the challenge is in conjunction with the launch of Tesco Price Cut Campaign) in 20 mins.
The speediest  not only take home all the items in their respective trolley but also some cash vouchers...

There were 10 teams - which consist of a participant and a Tesco staff - and each was given different set of items to look for.
Like yours truly, it was snacks, chocolates and biscuits.
Ada yang dapat household essentials like rice, minyak masak; ada yg dapat pet food, drinks and ice-cream; and ada yang dapat personal care products....etc.

Dengan baju kerjanya, and heels (lucky it was only kitten heels!), pun berlarilah macam nak gila cari barang...
Ok, we have shopped at that Tesco a few times before but, seriously, when u nak cari barang tu, masa tulah tak jumpa kan...
I was lucky to get a very competitive and cekap partner...

We managed to sampai the cashier 9 mins before time habis..
Masa tulah organizers confused siapa yg patut doublecheck and tally our loot...
After like 2 mins, barulah nak kira and found out satu item tersalah ambil..
Apa lagi, i ran as fast as i could to cari the correct oreo cookies, while my partner check barang di counter...

Then, problem lagi, the price of our items tak tally dgn the list..
We just print out the receipt and run as fast as we could (dgn trolley skali) ke info counter...
Muka penat tengah tunggu the judges buat keputusan rasmi
Selepas double check, we found out it was OK and we dapat 2nd price!!
Which is RM2K worth of vouchers! Alhamdullilah sangat!
First place won RM3k worth of vouchers, 3rd place (RM1K) and consolation (RM200). Each of us won whatever in the trolley too...
Which, most of it i bagi to my partner....

Menteri KPDKK, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and CEO Tesco Stores Malaysia, Tjeerd Jegen during the price giving ceremony.... (Picture courtesy of UMMB)

My partner : Holisah who helped a lot during the race

 It was a great, unexpected day indeed!
And I thank my husband who practically forced me to get out of the bed early morning to lari-lari anak around the block. lol...

And finally, dapat juga merasa macam mana participant that game show dulu-dulu (Supermarket Sweep) rasa... :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

When food doesn't interest me...

Well, not me. its Si Bunga.
Picky eater, one thing not wanting to eat, thats the major thing!...
Si Bunga has been refusing to eat for a while. 
Bukan tak makan langsung, just she'll eat like 3-5 spoons and then dah, taknak makan dah...

It is very very extremely frustrating when you see your child taknak makan...worrying too...
We've tried different dishes, at the same time cooking her fave food.
and still, she eats very little. 

Oh yes, she does like those babyfood dalam jar...(which makan pun ikut mood, tapi lagi banyak dr biasa)...

Then Fitri saw this parenting portal, Parenthots (which is under The Star) is organizing a forum 'How to get your child to eat healthy'..and we decided to go there. 

It was soo useful as the panel discuss on picky eaters and suggestion in getting them to eat healthy food, and at the same, answering questions from fellow mothers like me...

In a way, it was a relief knowing that you are not alone in getting your child to eat (eating healthy is another part)...
Agak menyenangkan when the good pediatrician also said "don't over analyse things. as long as the child is happy, healthy..." 

They even suggest ideas on how to get your child to eat. The article about the forum is here.
As i was surfing the portal today, i saw this great features as well. 

One of my questions was also answered post forum via email (the portal is beginning to be one of my fave portal :-P) : 

Paediatrician Dr Hon Mun Cheng answers one of your questions:

Is my anxiousness in getting my child to eat making her avoid food?

Yes, I'm afraid anxiousness on the parent's part can contribute to irregular feeding patterns in a child. A child's development include learning how to eat and regulating the amounts of each meal by themselves. Therefore, when the parent introduces this new "activity", they must be calm and composed.If the child detects stress in the parent, it will result in increased stressful feelings in the child which will lead to the child associating food with stress.The child can develop infantile anorexia which is defined as a feeding disorder of separation and is characterized by food refusal by the infant with intense conflict in the mother-infant relationship over issues of autonomy, dependency, and control. It occurs after the infant has learned to regulate himself and has established an attachment to the primary caregiver. The characteristics of the parent include having the perception of a child with poor appetite, being demanding of attention,being stubborn and difficult during feedings. The parental anxiety is expressed as coaxing the child to eat more, distracting the child with toys to induce the child to eat more, feeding around the clock, feeding different types of food or force feeding the infant.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its all in the whisk..errr wrist.

For those who knows me well, they would also know that i can't cook or bake.
I can't cook. i had to surf the net for kangkung goreng belacan even. *blush*.
Things are (hopefully) slowly to change
And truth be told, i'm beginning to conquer my fear towards the kitchen...

When i was younger, we were fortunate to have a nanny to help in taking care of the family, particularly my brother and i, while my parents goes to work.
In fact, my nanny who is from Baling, Kedah and has been with us since i was 28 days old until i'm about 9...

We were really attached to her, as far as i remembered, she cooks really nice dishes.

When she left, my (now late) grandaunt came to live with us..
she was a great cook as well  as garang in the kitchen.
I remembered wanting  to help her cut some onions and she was angry coz it was so kelam-kabut...
and since then, i kinda hated helping out in the kitchen.

my mother cooks but she prefer us not being in the kitchen, so that she can concentrate with the cooking and not the mess we make.

Well, i usually help with the cleaning, but not cook.

Then,, nak taknak kena juga lah masak kan?
My husband was raised in a family where his mom cooks wonderful dishes.
Of course its a daunting task for me to follow, being able to cook at least half as good as my MIL pun ok for me.

Since moving to our own place, i would try to cook when there's opportunity.
Of course, i'm still kinda inept in the kitchen.
Husband like to tease the way i chop things e.g onions, carrots - my left pinky tent to terangkat when i chop.
Something like when the lovely proper english ladies have their tea, pinky terangkat and sip.
Thats how i chop my ingredients. lol. (my husband even took a picture of me chopping while ketawa..hmph!)

Now, my addiction is buying cookbooks!
(well, apart from asking recipes from family and friends and also off the net).
I have a few at home already but these are the books in my wishlist rite now (I'm pretty sure its going to add whenever i go to the :-

Thursday, March 17, 2011

words are all i have...

I absolutely love writing...and yet, most of the time, i'm too tired to write.

I blame the fact that I write for a living.

But I have so much things in my head, waiting to get out.

Ai Ai Captain!

A short entry :

Went to Terengganu recently and this is Si Bunga's fave pose! :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh, what a beautiful surprise!

It was a good-surprise kinda of morning today. Hubby dengan senyuman penuh lebar, bangun awal pagi and pergi kedai beli paper. (He could get the paper for free from the office as he is working today)..

Balik-balik, dengan senyuman lebar tu, dia buka paper and SURPRISE! 

His first picture byline! Byline nama dah banyak kali keluar, but byline bergambar ni  pertama kali!

Even Si Bunga panggil "Abah, Abah, Abah!" when she saw this picture.:-)

Dear Hubby, 

We are so proud of you and reading your piece, one could see your passion in this particular subject (bukan subjek paksa rela which u have to write on something)...Keep up the good work and finally, I can say out loud and in public, "Thats my Husband!" (even bukan di finishing line pun...) :-P

For the full article, please click here