Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh, what a beautiful surprise!

It was a good-surprise kinda of morning today. Hubby dengan senyuman penuh lebar, bangun awal pagi and pergi kedai beli paper. (He could get the paper for free from the office as he is working today)..

Balik-balik, dengan senyuman lebar tu, dia buka paper and SURPRISE! 

His first picture byline! Byline nama dah banyak kali keluar, but byline bergambar ni  pertama kali!

Even Si Bunga panggil "Abah, Abah, Abah!" when she saw this picture.:-)

Dear Hubby, 

We are so proud of you and reading your piece, one could see your passion in this particular subject (bukan subjek paksa rela which u have to write on something)...Keep up the good work and finally, I can say out loud and in public, "Thats my Husband!" (even bukan di finishing line pun...) :-P

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miSs inTerpReted said...

yeay!!! i pon tumpang bangga kawan ai dapat picture byline. hehe. :) way to go Tank!!! teringat plak zaman nak dapat byline masa buat Berita Kampus. hihihi...

Jas said...

Waaaaah! Congrats, Fitri! A very interesting perspective on the sports associations as well.