Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its all in the whisk..errr wrist.

For those who knows me well, they would also know that i can't cook or bake.
I can't cook. i had to surf the net for kangkung goreng belacan even. *blush*.
Things are (hopefully) slowly to change
And truth be told, i'm beginning to conquer my fear towards the kitchen...

When i was younger, we were fortunate to have a nanny to help in taking care of the family, particularly my brother and i, while my parents goes to work.
In fact, my nanny who is from Baling, Kedah and has been with us since i was 28 days old until i'm about 9...

We were really attached to her, as far as i remembered, she cooks really nice dishes.

When she left, my (now late) grandaunt came to live with us..
she was a great cook as well  as garang in the kitchen.
I remembered wanting  to help her cut some onions and she was angry coz it was so kelam-kabut...
and since then, i kinda hated helping out in the kitchen.

my mother cooks but she prefer us not being in the kitchen, so that she can concentrate with the cooking and not the mess we make.

Well, i usually help with the cleaning, but not cook.

Then,, nak taknak kena juga lah masak kan?
My husband was raised in a family where his mom cooks wonderful dishes.
Of course its a daunting task for me to follow, being able to cook at least half as good as my MIL pun ok for me.

Since moving to our own place, i would try to cook when there's opportunity.
Of course, i'm still kinda inept in the kitchen.
Husband like to tease the way i chop things e.g onions, carrots - my left pinky tent to terangkat when i chop.
Something like when the lovely proper english ladies have their tea, pinky terangkat and sip.
Thats how i chop my ingredients. lol. (my husband even took a picture of me chopping while ketawa..hmph!)

Now, my addiction is buying cookbooks!
(well, apart from asking recipes from family and friends and also off the net).
I have a few at home already but these are the books in my wishlist rite now (I'm pretty sure its going to add whenever i go to the :-


yan said...

my mum was browsing buku recipe @Alamanda when she suddenly said, mintak ampun sedappnyaaa.....
hahahahaha....i tot she was referring to the recipes...lawakkk..
but it is actually a recipe book by Asmah Laili :p

miSs inTerpReted said...

oohh...i pulak tengah berangan nak beli cookbook by chef hanieliza (i thinks thats her nama). 1 hari 1 resepi kot nama buku tu. Konon2 as inspiration for me to cook different dishes everyday. hehe.

Bidadari said...

yan, sangat menarik tu!

sabb, chef liza ek?