Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its a Girl! :-)

Name : Dah*lia an-Na*jla Sham*shul Fitri
Sex : Girl
Date of birth : 22nd December 2008 (24 Zulhijjah 1429H)
Time of birth : 2151 hrs (or 9.51 pm)
Weight : 3.10 kg

Hospital : Ampan*g Puter*i Specialist Hospital
Obstetrician : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdull*ah
Pediatrician : Dr. Hali*za Mohd Shaf*ie

A little huraian.....

DAH*LIA. The dah*lia is the national flower of Mex*ico and it is there that it was first discovered growing wild by the Europeans. A member of the Compositae (daisy-like) family, it was grown and improved by a Swedish Botanist, Andreas Dahl, and named after him.

It was brought to Gre*at Bri*tain late in the 18th century and today it is a summer flower grown in all countries where the climate is mild. But it will blacken overnight in the first frost of autumn.

The original wild Mexica*n dahlias had yellow centres and red petals, but now varieties are grown in many different shades of red, yellow and purple.

Pale pink & yellow dahlia
(Pix : taken from

They vary considerably in shape and size, and their names generally give some idea of their appearance.

They include the large show and fancy dahlias, with many petals marked in several colours; single dahlias with one row of petals; cactus dahlias with pointed, starry flowers; peony dahlias which, with their large petals, look rather like the rend and pink flowers called peonies; and the dainty pompom dahlias, with round heads consisting of beautifully arranged, close-fitting petals.
Purple dahlia.
(Pix taken from here)

Dahlias grow from thick, underground stems called tubers and after the flowers have finished blooming in autumn, the tubers should be lifted and stored in a dry place, ready to be planted in the garden again the following May.
(Source : Children's Brita*nnica Vol. 6; Encycl*opedia Brita*nnica International, Ltd London. 1981)

NAJLA means yang mempunyai mata yang jelita.

Sungguhpun bukan local flower, but our daughter's name is based on a beautiful flower.... :-)

P/S : We would like to thank everyone for your wishes, visits and gifts....they meant a lot to us...Thank you!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The day our lives changed...

WARNING : Blognovella ahead.

Hello World! The moment our lives change.

Date : 22nd Dec. 2008 (24 Z
ulhijjah 1429H)
Time : 2151 (9.51 pm)
Mode of delivery : Kiwi vacuum
Location : Am*pang Put*eri Specia*list Hos*pital
Obstetrician : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h other word best describe what i feel then and right now...a single word no other than 'Alhamdullilah'....

Alhamdullilah semuanya selamat dan berjalan lancar.
Alhamdullilah we have a healthy (albeit slightly jaundiced but sikit jer) & beautiful baby girl.
Alhamdullilah we have all the love and support from our family and friends.
Alhamdullilah our lives are more enriched and happy with this latest addition.
Alhamdullilah for everything - no matter how small or big.

22nd Dec is almost like any other day. the only difference was that we both know that i have to be in the hospital after brekkie....

yes, i admit that i was nervous, but still managed to buat lawak and ketawa. in fact, we took our time to go to AP, bangun lambat sikit, walked around the block in Taman TA*R and makan brekkie.

I wasn't really in the mood to berjalan. Dah la panas, and me being such a couch potato, soooo malas nak berjalan. But Fitri was so bersemangat (and garang :-P)..he said : "kalau nak senang bersalin, kena berjalan juga".

after the walk and brekkie, dengan mengambil masa sendiri, we got ourselves ready...masa ni nervousness was still under control...

sampai je di AP, we 'checked in' and after waiting for a while, we were taken to the room. the company's entitlement is for the 4 bedded room, tapi memandangkan pada hari itu semua bilik penuh, i had to be in the 5 bedded room..which i don't mind coz ada org sikit nak 'meneman'.

eventho its the maternity ward, apparently ada a couple of non-maternity related patients with me..sorang sakit saraf and the bed beside me, gall bladder stone yang cronic (she has been there for10 days).

once settled in, the nurse monitored the baby's heartbeat and my contractions.

"You dah ada contraction..."
"Huh? really? tak rasa..."
"Tak kuat sangat lagi"

Seriously i didn't feel my contractions! even masa tu Fitri and i was still laughing and joking about it...

4 pm - A nurse came in and induced my labor...gila la bila dia masukkan the ubat under there....i was already squarming sebab first time masukkan her hari is to check the depth, and then baru the ubat...

"Selalunya first child kena masuk ubat lebih dari sekali (tak ke cuak bila u dengar that...?) ...u jangan bergerak dari katil selama sejam ya?"

"Lepas sejam akan ada another nurse to check your condition...minta any epidural ke sebagainya?"

I answered : "Mmg nak epidural"

She said : "Ok, nnt bila dah dilate about 4 cm, kita pakai epidural..kalau dilation lagi besar, epidural dah tak berkesan.."

Me about an hour after induction.

Tunggu punya tunggu, takde nurse yg datang pun after an hour...masa tu Imin (Fitri's younger bro) came and lepak w us...

I was already experiencing contractions every 20 mins....then shorten to 15..then to about 10....masa ni seriously dah tak tahan sakit...

Second baby's heartbeat monitoring with contractions every 10-15 mins

When tak tahan already, they check my dilation and it was already 4 cm. Then, laxatives were given for obvious reason. One of the nurse sia temankan i dalam the toilet coz takut i teran and baby keluar ke apa....

i kept apologising (dan malu) coz she had to witness me buang air... :-)

then, she had to keluar and get the wheelchair...

dah la sakit due to contraction, then kena membuang..aiyoh!

fitri papah i back to my bed and since the contraction was bad, i decided to berdiri and berpegang pada kerusi. it was better then me lying on the bad w the contraction (i tried but sakit yang amt berbanding i berdiri).

After a while, finally the wheelchair came...

8 pm - wheeled into the labor room. (Labour Room 1)

In the Labor Room...

Ivy line was done (me being penakut towards pain and tak suka needles, rasa sangat sakit when its done)...

All these while Fitri was by my bedside, trying to calm me...i told the nurse there about wanting the epidural...

Sementara menunggu, i was given the gas, entonox, to sedut everytime i feel pain. seriously masa tu high!

I boleh buat lawak and said mengantuk lagi even during the pain!!

After a while, sekali lagi my dilation were checked and it was already 6 cm!

"Epidural?" i asked...
"Tak sempat Puan, dilation dah besar"

Masa tu mmg rasa nak hempuk je the nurses and anaesthesiologist yg tak sampai-sampai tu..! tapi nasib baik tgh high...kalau tak mmg dah kena maki...(actually dalam hati mmg dah maki pun..)

dah la mmg takut nak bersalin, and tetiba u were caught off-guard...takde pain relief..(for me, Entonox doesn't help...i see it as a mere distraction/psyclogy ploy and for u to get high-legally).

I had trouble breathing exercises mmg tak pakai. i tend to hold my breath and mengerang...which the nurses tak galakkan sebab takut i teran...

at about 9 pm, i could hear a baby cry from the next room....masa tu terasa cam berani sikit...not just fitri was there helping me breathe, but a sense of tak sabar my baby would come and then the pain would end...

masa tu juga my water broke..(yes, i contraction dulu baru air pecah..some ppl terbalik).

soon enough, Dr came in and after given the updates from the nurses, he mentioned about getting the vacuum ready...

mmg dah tak ingat apa dah masa ni...all i could remember was the rasa kena tarik and me had to push beberapa kali...

when the baby came out, dia tak menangis pun.....Dr said dia tertelan her waste and they need to clear her airways...

"Abi, baby OK?" (i asked sambil still high form the etonox)
"She's OK...." Fitri said trying to soothe me..

after what seemed like eternity, finally the baby menangis...

Fitri then iqamah kan the baby..

one of the nurse asked if she could bring the baby ke luar to show to our family before masukkan ke dalam incubator..

after given the green light, Fitri went outside to call them..while waiting for him to come back, the nurse letakkan the baby dekat my dada...

it was love at first sight....

"Assalamualaikum Dahlia.." i said sambil mengusap her pipi and hair...

"Wah! dah ada nama" one of the nurses said...i just smiled..

then, they took her to show to our family who has been waiting patiently since earlier in the evening...

after the placenta is out, then the cleaning and then the sticthing...since i tore, lama sikitlah the jahitan tu...*phobia jap*...

"Nanti bila baby dah ready, try to breastfeed ok?" Dr said kindly...

after the he left, the nurse checked my uterus, takut ada placenta tertinggal ke apa...she called the Dr and after a 2nd checkup, everything OK...panik makcik!

lepas tu lak, as i nak kena pakai maternity pad, the nurse tetiba cakap :

"Kenapa your uterus sebelah besar?" (tgk my perut sebelah kembang ok!?!)

i pun panik a bitlah sebab takut ada complication lak....

"Takpe-takpe, u try buang air kencing...i think your bladder is pushing the uterus"..she then took the bedpan...

memula ingat nak kencing sambil baring, but since takle, Fitri and the nurse helped me sit and membuang la..

ane my tummy dah tak besar sebelah anymore! *lega*

kena duduk di LR for about an hour plus before i was wheeled to my was a lovely sight when we keluar the LR...

everyone was there, both our parents and most of our siblings....

masuk-masuk je bilik, tak sampai 5 minit, baby dibawa masuk...

Our first picture together

lots of "ooohs, aahhhas" were heard...

a nurse helped me to nurse the first time nursing.....and its a wonderful feeling!

after a while, everyone left except fitri...

walaupun sebenarnya tak dibenarkan, tetapi memandangkan a couple of husbands stayed by their wife's bed, fitri pun temankan i that nite...

we didn't sleep at all coz the baby kept waking up due to kesejukan...kesian fitri coz he came unprepared nak stay over...kena tahan kesejukan...

the pain, the hardship was definitely worthwhile......

i'm grateful that i have my family esp Fitri to help and support me tru it all....alhamdullilah...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wish only...

First and foremost, this is only a wishlist. Truthfully, i really-really appreciate all your wishes tapi kalau nak bagi hadiah, saya menerima dgn tangan terbuka dan sangat-sangat berterima kasih... :-)

after much requests, here's a few items yang i boleh terfikir rite now....seriously i have no idea and anything (or nothing) pun boleh je sebenarnya.

kalau nak bagi hadiah special for si mommy pun ok je...hahahahahhaha...

anyway... :-)

Lamaze Dreams-in-Sight Mobile (given by Bee & Shiela)

Ear thermometer

Baby monitor

Avent's breastmilk/food container

Fridge-to-go (sponsored by Jojo)

Baby gym/toys

Baby Art Print/1st Year Kit

what do you think?

I obtained this from NST Online . Do tell me your opinion about it....
Journalists are bad news when it's time to wed
KUALA LUMPUR: Want to get married in Malaysia? Don't become a journalist.

A recent survey found that media professionals, along with those in advertising, public relations and marketing, are considered the "last resort" when it comes to spousal candidates.

The survey, by market research and consultant group Synovate Sdn Bhd, also included entertainers, actors and musicians at the bottom of the heap.

The company interviewed more than 1,000 men and women, between the ages 15 and 64, from all income levels for the survey, which sought to "uncover attitudes and perceptions of Malaysians towards professions, careers and jobs".

Educators, including teachers and professors, seem to have it good in the love department with 36 per cent approval from respondents, followed by doctors and nurses (29 per cent).

Synovate marketing and communications manager Varian Ignatius said the survey indicated that Malaysians "are somewhat careful" when it comes to selecting a life partner, placing a premium on trustworthiness and good moral values.

The findings also show that 75 per cent of Malaysians admitted that the profession of their potential and future partner is important.

"They also admitted that the most important characteristics that make a profession admirable are those that help people with their health and education."

Varian said similar surveys carried out in other countries found that doctors and nurses were most sought after as marriage partners in France, the United States and Brazil, while 37 per cent of respondents in China preferred teachers and professors.

On salary scales, the survey revealed that some 33 per cent of Malaysians believed that corporate figures such as chief executive officers, top business executives, bankers and accountants were paid too much for their work.

Inversely, 44 per cent of the respondents felt that people with trade skills, such as plumbers, carpenters, builders and mechanics, do not earn enough.

"Malaysians tend to view trade work as hard work which is physically demanding and time-consuming. They believe that such demands require higher monetary rewards."

Varian said the survey showed that 85 per cent of Malaysians were proud of their professions and also felt their parents' views of their jobs were important.

"It is exceedingly important to have a good job in Malaysia. It is perceived to reflect your social status and a high status improves your lot in life -- and that of your family."

Varian noted that the family institution in Malaysia was generally tight-knit, making it normal for parents' views to figure prominently throughout people's lives.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

when oh when...?

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 17th Dec 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 41 weeks (39+ if ikut ultrasound)
Body weight : 63 kg

Firstly, I'm still very much pregnant...apparently our lil' bundle of joy is still not ready to see the world... :-)

I must thank everyone who has been calling/smsing asking about my condition...belum jadi mama officially lagi...but i am still waiting, tho not so patiently this time..

Dr said that there' a lil' bit of space lagi, apparently baby tak 100% engage. and so far, the amnio fluid is still sufficient for baby, i just have to keep a close eye on the baby's daily movement...

memula Dr nak admit i semalam, but melihatkan pada situasi, he decided monday would be the best time. so peeps, kalau sebelum monday i tak bersalin, monday morning, 22nd Dec ni, sah-sah i dah kena admit AP and most likely kena induced...

i pray the baby would lahir natural birth - induced or not. *sigh*.

whateveritis, i'm now so nervous but sometimes rasa cam numb. pelik tak? takut sampai tak berperasaan?

oh, and i lost 1kg. Dr cakap baby kecil tapi berat still cecah 3kg...hehehe...and sihat, alhamdullilah...

i've been having a slight discomfort around the tummy area, esp tgh-tgh malam these days, and sakit belakang mmg tak ingat lah...nasib baik this couple of days fitri ada to comfort me...tapi esok awal pagi balik ke mela*ka semula.. :-(

hmmm...what else? oh, Sabb minta i buat baby's wishlist and i seriously tak tau apa nak listkan...nnt if ada masa i will do it, but seriously, takde pun takpe....any ideas? wishes pun dah cukup menggembirakan we all...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Journalistic interpretation?

I takde kerja and sesaja googled Papa's name...and i found this at Ber*nama's library was taken from their newsletter, Berita Bernama in 1980.


Journalists -Have you arrived?

At what stage of your career can you relax and say for certain that you have arrived as a journalist? Some say when you have regular irregular heartbeats, ulcers that defy diagnosis, untimely heart attacks, high blood pressure or a conspicuous loss of conspicuous loss of hirsute endowments at the hill-top.

Use the not-accepted Baharudin rating system to test yourself. Under this system, your stories must create some kind of response or aftermath (notice that I do not use the word reprisal as it might strike terror in your dainty hearts).

If your contact rings you up the next day to say you misquoted him completely, this indicates that he took the trouble to read, your report in the papers.

If he goes so far to threaten you with a law suit, this proves beyond any reasonable doubt that your story has touched him in the heart where it matters most.

By all means, do have a few restless nights thinking over your future in journalism but try not to lose appetite over this. You wouldn't want to drag in the medical profession over such a small matter. You could however try to catch hold of ex-journalists who hove gone into the legal profession (try Rashid Ali).

If your contact actually marches into Bernama Head Office with bloodshot eyes and fumes coming out of his ears to demand a retraction of your story, it goes to show how much trouble he has taken to see you personally over your story.

If he shows up with his lawyer, leave the matter entirely in the hands of the news editor, whose past personal experience in such matters will do doubt put him in good stead to deal with the problem.

However, while waiting for both parties to work out an amicable settlement out of court, you could spend the free time typing out your resignation letter.

And, for heaven's sake, as a parting gesture, exercise some principle - do not use office stationary. As an alternative, you could have your resignation letter typed out in advance. Just leave the date to be filled in when the need arises.

Therefore, under the Baharudin rating system, you can say you have arrived when you are leaving. At least you leave with a bang.

By BAHAR*UDIN LA*TIF, who jokes about his future.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Papa is a celebrity today! :-P

My colleague, Ham*zah Abdul Ham*id, wrote this article for today's Kosm*o! Ahad..


Khabar dari tebing runtuhan

Pemandangan hijau yang dibanggakan selama ini sudah bertukar menjadi pandangan bumbung-bumbung rumah dan kondominium yang semakin rancak dibangunkan.

SOBREY mengharapkan semua pihak bertindak secara proaktif.

'MAAF, kami umpama pelarian," pelawa tuan rumah sambil mengemas letak atur beg-beg berisi pakaian dan dokumen penting di laluan masuk. Sebelum bertanya lanjut tentang barang-barang tersebut, topik perbualan sengaja dimulakan dengan imbasan kisah lalu.

Ingatannya kuat pada pandangan bukit yang tenang dan hijau. Dia juga masih ingat pada kunjungan saudara-mara dan teman taulan yang memuji betapa bertuah si tuan rumah dapat memiliki kediaman menghadap keindahan alam semula jadi.

Bagi Sobrey Jaafar, 59, keputusan untuk melabur sejumlah kira-kira RM200,000 untuk sebuah rumah teres di Wangsa Ukay, Bukit Antarabangsa, 20 tahun lalu, adalah impian yang dibina bersama keluarganya. Pelaburan yang semahunya dibiar menjadi milik mereka selama boleh.

"Kami berpindah dari Taman TAR, Ampang Jaya kerana mahukan persekitaran yang lebih tenteram dan selamat selain menghargai budaya yang terbit daripada kejiranan di kalangan golongan profesional.

"Penduduk di sini mewakili kelompok masyarakat moden. Kemudahan asas penduduk seperti bekalan air, elektrik dan keperluan lain juga memuaskan lantaran diuruskan dengan baik," terangnya yang memberitahu nilai asetnya itu tahun lalu sudah mencecah harga sekurang-kurangnya setengah juta ringgit.

PANDANGAN ngeri dari tempat punca runtuhan di Jalan Wangsa 9, Wangsa Ukay. Kediaman Sobrey sekeluarga hanya kira-kira 200 meter dari tebing ini.

Kata Sobrey, dahulu rumah itu tidak perlu dipasang sistem hawa dingin, kerana udara sudah cukup nyaman dan dingin pada waktu malam. Apakah lagi yang diingati?

"Harmoni. Itulah yang kami paling ingat," celah isterinya, Nazlee Ismail, yang merujuk kepada kemesraan hubungan antara jiran tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama.

"Dulu kami memang sengaja memilih pandangan yang menghadap bukit bukau berbanding hartanah yang menghadap kota raya Kuala Lumpur. Tapi, lihat sekarang ke luar sana," katanya lantas membuang pandangan melepasi halaman rumahnya.

"Pemandangan hijau yang kami banggakan itu kini menjadi pandangan bumbung-bumbung rumah dan kondominium yang semakin rancak dibangunkan saban tahun," sambung bapa kepada dua orang anak ini.

RUNTUHAN kecil di laluan Jalan Wangsa 1 ini juga antara petanda yang perlukan penyelenggaraan profesional.

Pembangunan konkrit itu lama-kelamaan menghakis kenangan yang mereka kumpulkan sejak mendudukinya pada tahun 1988. Di sebalik nada tenang pasangan suami isteri ini, masih dapat ditangkap sekilas bibit khuatir mengenai rentetan kejadian tanah runtuh pada dinihari 6 Disember lalu.

"Kami tidak merasakan apa-apa semasa tanah itu runtuh. Sebaliknya mendapat tahu pada siangnya apabila menerima panggilan saudara yang tinggal di kawasan bawah bukit. Ketika itu, helikopter sudah berlegar-legar di ruang udara," imbas Sobrey.

Tragedi yang mengorbankan lima nyawa itu seolah-olah menjelaskan keanehan yang dilihat dengan matanya sendiri pada dua hari sebelumnya. Sobrey teringat pada kawanan beruk dan monyet yang tiba-tiba muncul berkeliaran merapati kawasan perumahannya, seperti hendak lari dari kawasan hutan di lereng bukit itu.

"Bukan tidak pernah melihat kelibat monyet dan beruk di sini, tetapi saya hairan bilangannya lebih banyak daripada biasa. Mungkin itu suatu petanda," katanya.

Mungkin ketika ramai menghulur belas dan berduka dengan nasib mangsa di kalangan penghuni 14 buah banglo yang ranap di tapak runtuhan, kita terlupa pada keluh-kesah penghuni rumah di atas bukit Wangsa Ukay ini. Kehidupan mereka, secara falsafah dan fizikalnya, berada di tebing curam.

PENGHUNI di deretan rumah di Jalan Wangsa 9, di belakang kediaman Sobrey sudah diarahkan untuk berpindah demi keselamatan mereka.

Kediaman Sobrey misalnya, walaupun bukan dalam 'zon merah' yang diarahkan untuk mengosongkan premis, kedudukannya adalah kira-kira 200 meter dari punca runtuhan. Deretan rumah di Jalan Wangsa 9, iaitu betul-betul di belakang rumahnya sudah pun dikosongkan.

"Kami diberitahu bahawa deretan rumah di Jalan Wangsa 7 ini tidak terjejas. Struktur tanah kami masih kukuh dengan batu. Moga ia kekal begitu," ujar pesara ini yang telah meninggalkan portfolio besar dalam agensi berita negara, Bernama.

Sobrey yang pernah bertugas membuat liputan tragedi kondominium Highland Towers yang tumbang pada tahun 1993, walau bagaimanapun mengakui bahawa kejadian seumpama itu bukan asing di Bukit Antarabangsa.

Kes-kes runtuhan kecil, katanya, sudah beberapa kali berlaku. Cuma runtuhan tanah Sabtu lalu, menggusarkan dia sekeluarga.

"Itulah yang dikesalkan. Setiap kali terjadi perkara seperti ini, arahan menghentikan projek di kawasan bukit dikeluarkan kerajaan. Namun, larangan itu dilupakan juga akhirnya," luah bapa kepada dua anak ini.

Menurutnya, ada tiga sebab mengapa tragedi ini berlaku. Pertama adalah kelemahan penyelenggaraan. Kedua adalah kekurangan pengurusan teknikal, manakala yang ketiga adalah sikap 'tidak apa'.

BEG-BEG berisi barangan keperluan dan dokumen penting sudah siap diletakkan di muka pintu.

Dia melahirkan kemusykilannya terhadap pihak yang meluluskan projek-projek di sekitar kawasan Bukit Antarabangsa yang tidak serius untuk merujuk kepada pakar penyelenggaraan cerun bukit.

Bagi yang mampu berfikir dengan waras, memang letih kalau hal seperti ini berakhir dengan drama menuding jari, bercakap soal sifat tamak manusia dan keengganan pihak-pihak tertentu mematuhi peraturan yang ditetapkan kerajaan. Pokok pangkalnya adalah penguatkuasaan.

"Lagi satu, konsep pengurusan krisis kita sering kali silap. Ia sepatutnya dilaksanakan untuk menghindarkan krisis daripada berlaku. Bukannya bertindak sesudah sesuatu krisis atau bencana sudah terjadi," tegasnya yang mahukan semua pihak lebih proaktif menangani isu tersebut.

Bukan berfikir negatif atau tidak menghormati perasaan Sobrey sekeluarga. Namun, soalan ini akhirnya telah disuakan juga kepadanya - adakah sudah bersedia untuk meninggalkan rumah itu seandainya keadaan tidak menyebelahi mereka nanti?

"Bukan soal mahu pindah atau tidak. Kita ikut apa yang perlu dibuat. Di mana-mana pun kita percaya pada ketentuan Tuhan. Di bukit boleh berlaku tanah runtuh, di kawasan rendah pula boleh terjadi bencana banjir, dan di kawasan rata juga boleh dilanda puting beliung. Iklim dan cuaca juga sudah tidak dapat diduga.

"Kalau diikutkan hati, kami masih mahu terus tinggal di sini. Walau bagaimanapun, beg-beg sudah di depan pintu itu. Jika berlaku apa-apa, kami akan capai dan pergi," ujarnya yang akan terus terkenangkan betapa kejiranan itu dua dekad lalu begitu damai dan menghijau.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ribery - Pink Panther - Nike Mercurial Vapor Rosa

Would you wear this boot? its pink! i know i what!?! Fitri and i was surfing tru nikefoot* when we saw this first ingatkan merah..rupanya pink!!

even the video lagu Pink Panther! hahaha...

anyway, i think its cool..and only sesiapa yang berani (dan laju) akan you think the have this in kasut futsal version? :-P

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 10th Dec 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 40 weeks
Body weight : 64 kg

i gained 1.5kg in a week! *ketawa guling-guling*. oh well, i know most of the weight pun air..anyway, i couldn't help myself but chuckled when i saw the weight machine semalam...gilala..tak pernah cecah 60kg even masa zaman kegemukanku dulu...paling berat pun dalam 56-57 kg je.. :-P baby's weight is now 3.1 kg. beratkan? well, its an estimation je la..could be less than that. besar-besar nnt seksa nak bersalin nanti...isk isk isk..

like previous entries, no pix this time..bukan taknak amik but seriously tak nampak apa pun these days...the images on the scan blurry je memanjang...kalau nampak pun, its the bone structure like the femur and tulang belakang..

anyway, my Dr asked if i'm sure with my dates and i answered, i'm pretty sure...kalau lari pun dalam dua tiga hari jer...hearng this, Dr As*har bgtau that if by 17th (which is my next checkup day) i still haven't delivered, kena masuk hospy already...

sama ada kena induced atau tidak, bergantung pada keadaan...but he told me to sediakan my hospital stuff siap-siap...kalau ikut date, my due is the 7th and if ikut ultrascan its the 20th. plus u have the 2 weeks window thingy tu...kira i'm still ok lagi...

you see, apart from the normal pain mcam backache, perut keras sekali-sekala, my lower bump rasa cam sengugut sometimes and ngilu sikit-sikit, i still takde the big indication yg nak bersalin...mmg la bawa perut ni susah...

gosh, i feel like a penguin everytime berjalan...gila berat and besar perut ni...*sigh* but still, bearable...

setiap kali i tak selesa, or sakit sikit fitri would be asking : "Dah? Nak bersalin dah?"

i find it cute coz he's so alert and really tak sabar for the baby... :-) sikit hari je lagi....hope the baby boleh tunggu abah dia balik so that fitri sempat tengok!

since my Dr bagi mc sehari je samalam (i ingat semingu coz i did asked seminggu tapi i guess dia lupa/serabut), i akan kerja esok...hahaha...gila kan? tapi nak buat mcmana...i ni malas nak gi jumpa hari-hari and minta cuti...biarkan je la...sakit je, terus minta somebody from the office hantar ke hospy...

gosh, it could be anytime soon! seriously! so, peeps, tak lama lagi you guys are going to be uncles, aunties! :-)

doa-doa semua selamat and berjlan lancar...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

tanah runtuh 3

From TheStar :

Ampang’s hill of death

KUALA LUMPUR: Just four days short of the 15th anniversary of the Highland Towers tragedy which claimed 48 lives, another landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa claims four lives and destroys 14 bungalows.

There had been warning signs over the past years and even days before the devastating landslide that struck at about 3.30am yesterday when residents were mostly fast asleep.

Death from above: Four people were killed when a huge landslide hit Taman Bukit Mewah in Ampang, destroying 14 bungalows and forcing thousands to evacuate. The landslide occurred just kilometres from the site of the fateful Highland Towers disaster in 1993.

Flattened houses, buckled roads, uplifted vehicles, uprooted mature trees, fallen electric poles and layers of mud and debris marked the carnage that left many injured, crying, in shock and in fear of more landslides.

Among the heart wrenching stories are that of a father who tracked his son down in the rubble by calling him on his mobile phone only to find his hand sticking out still holding onto the phone; a mother who rushed in to save her son but lost her life; and a mother of a two-month-old baby who perished while the baby survived.

Even as rescuers using their bare hands and shovels raced against time in the late afternoon to rescue two people believed to be buried alive under tonnes of earth, it rained afresh, causing greater concern among all.

Police from the air-wing unit airlifted 13 people who needed immediate medical attention – two pregnant women, two heart patients, a kidney patient and a stroke patient – from a makeshift helicopter-pad to the hospital here on time.

About 2,000 residents of Bukit Antarabangsa were evacuated on foot as two sliproads were created to give them access out of the vicinity when their sole exit was cut off.

The VIPs who came to the site all sent out the same message – no more hillside development projects – even as many who have lived in the landslide-prone water catchment area for years swore to sell off their properties.

The dead have been identified as veterinarian Dr N. Yogeswari, 40, accountant Ng Yee Ping, 30, and IT student Shaiful Khas Shaha­ruddin, 20. The fourth victim is Indonesian Surina, 30.

Selangor Chief Police Officer Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the search and rescue operation would continue for 24 hours a day unless the rain gets too heavy.

“The rain is not helping. The area covered by the landslide is more than 10 acres (4ha),” he told reporters at a press conference near the site.

There were VIPs involved, too. The Prime Minister’s principal private secretary Datuk Tha­­­juddeen Abdul Wahab rushed home to his ruined house to rescue his boss’ diary.

The sole missing person is believed to be his security guard.

Singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza who lives nearby was shocked to see a cousin’s house des­troyed.

And Dr Benjamin George, who survived the Highlands Tower disaster, was not convinced that things would get better.

“In three months, the tractors will start work again. I have survived long enough to see all this nonsense repeated,” he said.


If you see where the landslide started, u could see there's a row of houses. My house is the row behind that.

Yes, its that close. and that is what making me very sad. not just the lost of lives and their harta...

My parents bought the house sometime is the 1980s. and we moved there from Taman T*ar in 1990. I was in standard 4 that time....

The house was the first development in B.A. i could still remember how cool the environment would be early in the morning or everytime it rained. we could also hear monkeys at the jungle, now area where the landslide timbus all the houses.

in fact, the apartments in front of us were built when we are already there. with my room acing it, i remember cursing every morning whenever they buat all the construction work. the pilling part was the worst! headaches je.

It wasn't called B.A dulu. It was called Wangs*a Ukay. Most residence still call itu WU, although most ppl would know B.A better - famous for the big houses, rich & famous ppl who lives there.

what most don't know is, B.A started with a few taman perumahan developed by then, MB*F (now already gulung tikar i think, same as our developer)

My house is a simple semi-D double storyhouse with 5 rooms (incl the storeroom) and4 bathrooms. admittedly, kalau ikut standard rumah sekarang, our house is considerd quite besar.

Mama and Papa bought it for about RM130K (correction : RM165K, original price is around RM230K), kalau jual balik sekarang (before this whole catastrophe), it could reach RM500K. mind you, my parents are not well-to-do. they both are also journalist. bukan wartawan dekat all this private companies like Utusa*n, The Sta*r or Medi*a Prim*a but under Bernam*a.

They were what some people consider lucky. to get a big house and payment scheme that enables them to get the dream home they wanted, very near to the city with greenies that doesn't stress them.

with the execption of tama*n tar, we used to live in congested dad always worries how it would effect me and my bro.

he would joke (sometimes serious), the reason we left taman sr*i rampai was because my bro had this facination towards garbage trucks. everytime it came, jojo would be running to the front door and stare.

papa wants more things for us..he wanted us to mix with other races, to converse confidently in english, to be open to the world...thats when he moved us to taman ta*r (that house belongs to my aunt but it was empty as her whole family had to move to bintulu and t' uncle was working w carigal*i at that time).

i love the house in WU. its always been quiet. neighbours don't bother you. a sense of tranquility is always there. whats missing is the warmth of kejiranan.

my parents do try to berkawan with the neighbours, and we do have great friends. but takdelah sampai tahap what some kejiranan have...

tanah runtuh does happens sometimes, esp dekat the jalan nak naik bukit fact, one did happen last 2 weeks and mpa*j are in the process of building the retaining wall..

what happened at 4 am semalam not only shocked us...we always have this fear that tanah runtuh does happens to the housing area, but takdelah sampai pikir bukan-bukan. its something that crossed our minds, but never taken seriously.

i could see most ppl are confused why kawasan yang penuh dgn pokok boleh runtuh. ramai yang tak sangka about underground water kan? i for one admit tak pernah terpikir. i always tot there's always drainage for it.

apparently i'm wrong....

yes, the damage has been done. but what happens after this? will the whole WU kena pindah and leave their house, their precious commodity that they worked so hard to built/get? will BA become empty? will we be able to rebuilt our lives? do we live in fear?

i could sense my mom's sadness when we talked tru the phone just now. its still there. but i talked to Annas just now (he's a friend, a former unimate, who happens to be a policeman di IPD Ampang Jaya).

"Safe but not adviseable to return. at this moment".

sedih sangat ok? but we are greatful that everyone in the family is safe. i'm currently staying with my in-laws sebab dekat dgn AP, my parents and bro di Buki*t Jelutong.

i pray more survivors will be found. i pray for the safety of everyone. i pray things would be safe soon....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

tanah runtuh 2...

we left B.A at around 11.30 am, soon after Papa patah balik and ordered us to pack our stuff. he was planning to go to Melawati and get us nasi lemak for brekkie but turned around at the junction near our place. apparently he saw a few trees tumbang at the abandoned houses in jalan 9 (we are in jalan 7).

tanpa rasa panic, we took our time and pack our stuff. me, as usual i packed the most. well, i am due soon and since fitri and i was planning to stay at taman ta*r over the raya hols, so untuk menyenangkan i...anyway, papa, mama and jojo packed for only the weekend...they are staying at mak teh ida's house in bukit jelu*tong...

reason i am at taman ta*r is easy, apart from fitri coming home tomorrow is because AP is only 5 mins kalau dah nak bersalin, sangat dekat. if i ikut my family, its going to be hassle for them to send me there...dah la jauh..

somehow i am sadden by the whole tragedy. not just because of the lives lost but also the fact it happened (almost) at our backyard.

apparently the slide started in the bukit in front rows depan our house...(bayangkan ada satu row depan rumah)...i pun tak sedar that it happened there until i saw the news this afternoon...

it really is near our house!

we have no idea if we would have to be evacuated and eventually, abandon the far, no news. i think most of the residents there dah pndah or at least keluar, from their home for the time being...

since i am preggie, and menunggu hari, of course i can't do any coverage. but sometimes, i do wish i could. it happened at my own backyard...and i would gain such valuable experience...but i understand. kalau buat kerja and tetiba nak beranak, bukankah jadi lagi satu masalah?

its raining now, and the unconfirmed number of casualties has reached 7 people. i pray more would be saved. rain is going to make the rescue mission harder, even the soil will erode more. even tadi i heard air mula naik kat the area (underground water is the cause of the slide). *sigh*..

i'm touched by family members and friends who called to ask about our situation. alhamdulilah so far we are safe. and diligently keeping updates over the net and tv...

my pak tham is still there, helping us and the media (bernam*a) w the updates.

Pak tham, apparently bersara from being a journo is not something forever ya?

Tanah runtuh..

I woke up at 6.30 am when i received a sms from Apard asking me if i know kawasan B.A tanah first, sorry apard, i was cursing who would be smsing me this early in the soon as i read his msg, i could hear the heli making its rounds, monitoring the situation..

apparently they have been monitoring much earlier than that...

first thing i did was check if my bro dah balik. you see, i woke up at 4 and tgk dia tak balik lagi..i didn't think of anything masa tu, apart the usual washroom run...

luckily his car dah ada kat depan by 6.30...

soon, we could hear the police made an announcement telling the whole residence in my area to be at the front of our soon as that, we were, ramai gila orang kat bawah...that includes those ppl who lives the condo rite in front of my house...

ramai was still in the state of disbelieve, awaken from their weekend slumber...ada juga yang try turun bawah the bukit and see anything, but they don't go far...

not much news were known...just rumors, or updates from friends who lives at the directly affected area below...some ppl said it all started around 4.30 am, as they heard bunyi loose soil...

my bro said : "masa ni lah 'meet the neighbours' kan?" (our whole bukit tend to keep to themselves)

pak tham has been keeping us updated, concerned family has been calling to check on us...

a collegue who lives with her family at KyoT*o Gard*ens Aprtment unable to get out of the area as the one access road tertimbus.

so far that i knw, about 8 houses, 20 people tertimbus. numbers of casualties has reached 4.

my area pun dgr kata ada soil movement..hence, thats why semua kena duduk luar as they look at the situation...

the heli is making its rounds again, flying lower now...from atop, we could hear the sirens...*sigh*..

my family dah masuk rumah semula but we are keeping alert, tgk tv. manalah tau nak kena evacuate kejap lagi.

alfatihah to those perished.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

masih menunggu hari...

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 3rd Dec 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 39 weeks
Body weight : 62.5 kg

Again, no pictures this time as the images were not really sharp, i guess we have to wait for the baby to come out baru boleh tengok dia... :-)

waktu menunggu as usual mengambil masa yang amat lama...sempatlah pergi ampan*g point and the bank *sigh*...

ok, i know i should walk more these days but sometimes it can get very uncomfy and a tad fact, i was panting like mad when i arrived at the shopping centre..tu belum pergi bank lagi...takpe-takpe kugagahi setiap langkah :-P

nowdays, everytime i go somewhere, deep inside i have this fear that my water breaks at inopportune time...i mean, if it breaks, thats good lah tapi gosh i think its going to be messy kan?

it doesn't help that i still travel alone...cuba bayangkan : my water breaks or i'm having cintractions masa tgh driving...or worse, masa tgh stuck in traffic..tak ke terseksa? isk..doa-doa takdelah sampau to that situation...

currently i am on leave but on Sunday dah start kerja balik *sigh* and my next checkup is on wednesday...

maybe masa tu minta mc, aci tak? my annual leave pun dah habis (technically ada lagi 7 days but i bawa ke next year takut apa-apa yang penting berlaku...)..

my tummy is really huge now...jalan pun macam mother goose..heheheh..appetite pun sihat jer. :-P anyway, yesterday's checkup went well...

told the Dr that i dah start feeling pain around the lower bump dan my frequency to the ladies has increased tremendously...

He said thats normal as the baby dah engage.. :-)

Sebelum buat ultrascan, he checked the head's location and apparently still a bit loose...soon..

baby's weight not is between 2.7-2.8 kg and Dr said thats a good weight, not too small nor heavy.

this time he scanned the umbilical blood flow (or something like that), so cool! coz leh tgk the flow..memula ingatkan bunyi the heartbeat, rupanya aliran darah... :-) and alhamdulilah everything looks normal...

since due date is 7hb, so we would have to wait and see sama ada dia akan keluar that day..if not, a few more days..whateveritis, i would have to wait until contractions dah rapid/air dah pecah utk masuk hspy..

*sigh* sometimes the wait is killing me...but i have to admit that i'm so nervous! hope my friend's, Lut, dreams does come true : i bersalin senang tanpa rasa sakit..hahaha..amin.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

soon? how soon?

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 26th November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 38 weeks
Body weight : 62 kg

Sorry folks this time no pictures as the image was pretty blurry..(plus i pun lupa nak minta the Dr a copy..)..

anyway, baby's weight now is 2.8 kg (if ikut ultrascan) but we budget its about 2.6 kg..and the due date definitely dah haywire coz it said now the due date is about th 27th..hahaha...

the baby is already engaged and its anytime soon now...*smile* could be within a week or it could be the 17th...whateveritis, its really soon...

the Dr even joked, "see you here (at the clinic) if you tak deliver lagi next week", as we were leaving...

yes, my might be that soon! gosh, i'm so nervous and excited at the same time!

now Fitri kena standby his phone all the time for THAT call..i pray tak contract or pecah air kat office!!!*fingers crossed*

i'll be on leave for a week (30/11-6/12) and if by then tak bersalin lagi, i'll be working for a few days (org lain semua cuti raya haji) and then bila pergi checkup for that week, try to minta MC if possible...

wow...soon! *disbelieve*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boom De Ya Da!

"It never gets old, huh?"
"It kinda makes you wanna...break into song?"

I love the mountains, I love the clear blue sky
I love big bridges,
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world, and all it's sights and sounds

Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada

I love the ocean,
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast,
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world and all it's craziness
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada
I love tornadoes,
I love arachnids
I love hot magma,
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world, Its such a brilliant place

Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada


Something to perk up your day! :-)

Peterpan - Menghapus Jejakmu

terus melangkah melupakanmu
belah hati perhatikan sikapmu
jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu
tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu
kucoba untuk terus menjauh
perlahan hatiku terbelenggu
kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

engkau bukanlah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

terus melangkah melupakanmu
belah hati perhatikan sikapmu
jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu
tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu
kucoba untuk terus menjauh
perlahan hatiku terbelenggu
kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

engkau bukanlah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

lepaskan segalanya
lepaskan segalanya

engkau bukanlah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu



This is the song i tgh dok dengar virtually non-stop everyday...i find it catchy and lyrics dia pun best.. :-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mari bersenam...or not.

National Fatwa Council Rules Yoga To Be 'Haram'

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 22 (Bernama) -- The National Fatwa Council has ruled that yoga is 'haram" for Muslims.

Its chairman, Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said only the physical aspect of yoga without the mantras and elements of worshipping outwardly was not wrong (in Islam).

However, he said, yoga was not to be encouraged among Muslims for fear that it could erode their Islamic faith since the physical part was a component of yoga practice as a whole.

He said there were three stages to yoga practice, which originated from the Hindus, -- first, the physical aspect which is the exercise part; second the mantras and worshipping and third the unification of oneself with God.

"Therefore, members of the council reached a consensus that any practice, regardless of type and in whatever form that have such elements, contradict Islamic teachings," he told a press conference here.

Abdul Shukor said the matter was decided at the 83rd National Fatwa Council meeting held in Kota Baharu from Oct 22 to 24 and that the decision would be conveyed to the respective state religious councils for gazetting.

He said yoga practice among Muslims had also been banned in Singapore and Egypt.

Abdul Shukor said various programmes would be carried out by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to enlighten Muslims on yoga.

He also advised Muslims to get information on any exercise programme before practising them to ensure that they would not affect their religious faith.

He said there were many other ways which Muslims could do to exercise for health, like praying.

Yoga has been practised since 3000 BC and is said to be able to slow down the ageing process, reduce the risk of diabetes, asthma and heart-related diseases. -- BERNAMA


*sigh* personally i love yoga..minus the chanting lah...i mean, whenever i do yoga pun bukannya ada the mantras pun...ok, the instructor adalah sebut pasal sun etc, but i takdelah dgr kan? even at times i would be dozing off esp masa meditation.... :-P dozing off or day dreaming sambil tutup mata...

for me yoga is a form of exercise, a good way for me to move my couch potato bum from the sofa or chair...and i sleep better after each session...

granted, i only did yoga for about 3 months (or maybe even less), and now dah stop sebab my kemalasan and kepenatan, but learning about it makes me understand more about the art.

i don't see it as all depends on nawaitu seseorang....for me, it for my and the baby's wellbeing...tak pernah berniat benda lain selain ia sebagai satu senaman pun.

yes, i am guilty for not practising eventho i already bought the yoga for preggies book a few months ago...but tak larat lah...(alasan atau kenyataan? entahlah..) :-D

i guess now kalau nak beryoga (minus the chants and mantras, of course) kena buat kat rumah senyap-senyap careful..jangan tersalah lipat-lipat, ya!

Friday, November 21, 2008

chubby cheeks & long legs

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h (but digantikan with another Dr this time)
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 18th November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 37 weeks
Body weight : 61 kg

I had my Dr's appointment with AP last Tuesday, 18th Nov....sorrylah folks kali ni no pix sebab the checkup was not done by Dr. Asha*r, instead Dr. Ros-something yang ganti while he's on a week leave....

actually ada je salinan ultrascan tu tapi i have to admit, tak nampak apa sangat pun...even i had a hard time nak mentafsir the pix...Dr tu tak setting the brightness fact she didn't even masukkan my data pun (data = date of my last period etc)...

don't get me wrong, she is a nice fact, pleasant and easy to talk to. she's one of the partners in a private clinic in Kg. Bar*u and she often replace 3 drs in AP whenever they go on leave...

even masa i pergi tu takde orang sangat pun at the clinic...rupanya that day ada like 6 or 7 je patients yang datang....ramai takmau checkup dgn dr lain selain Dr. Asha*r kot...i don't really mind, as long as kena check.....kalau bersalin tu lain cerita, of course.

Dr : wah, your weight tak banyak berubah since last time...actually ramai je patients harini yang tak banyak naik weight...i should get myself check at the weight machine too...seronok sikit long as weight baby pun naik, and yours gradually too, that should be ok...kita takut berat baby tak naik, or the mother's weight turun...tu yang susah.

hahaha...that breaks the ice issnt it?

anyway, masa scan, the Dr was as excited as i was...hahaha....

Dr : Your placenta is in the right place and the amnio fluid looks good...thats a good indication...thats the heartbeat, very strong...dia tengah bernafas dalam fluid, u can see there, mulut dia terbuka...amazing issnt it dulu kita semua boleh bernafas dalam air?

Me : *smile*

Dr : (dah ukur the head and body), the baby's lenght is about 35 weeks, so i think the due date is about the 20th, now lets try to find dia punya kaki shall we? oh my, you have a very active baby...garang bila nak scan, menendang..*smile*...there, kaki dia tgh bengkok...panjang kaki tu...bapa dia tinggi ek?

Me : hahaha..itu ikut bapa dia la Dr. Haritu Dr. Asha*r kata 85% its baby ******, what do you think?

Dr : Lets see, haaa...there kat cursor tu you can see dia nyer organ, i can now give you 90% its a *****...your baby punya pipi ni chubby...bayi yang comel.. and the weight is about 2.6kg..

i left the office smiling....alhamdulilah sihat....

just a few more weeks to go...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My husband seems to think that i have a fascination towards backhoes....why you ask? :-)

well, it all happened last Tuesday nite...i went to pickup Fitri at the LR*T station and he suggested "Jom pergi makan ketam"...its like music to my ears...i've been craving for ketam masak sweet sour since forever and off we go to Brickfiel*ds (thats my family's fave spot for ketam and steamboat chinese style..yum!)...

sampai-sampai je sana, the kedai tutup..uhuhu...i'm not sure the kedai tutup on that particular day or dia mmg dah tutup forever...anyway, we decided to go back home...

as we drive past Brickfie*ld's police station, and sampai the jalan where you can go left towards KL and right, PJ, in front of us was this massive bus...

selepas menyelit jalan, rather naik divider, utk masuk jalan ke arah KL (the bus halang jalan), we on the way home..

di Jalan Sy*ed Putr*a, as soon as the bus/taxi lane tamat, we were at the back a backhoe...of as u know, backhoes are really sllllooooowwww....

nak potong, banyaklah pula, kena sabar je la..then, amiklah ext dekat area masjid negara..

punyalah sibuk berborak, i missed the exit to Jalan Sulta*n Isma*il, so lalulah Jalan Tu*n Razak....

Then, i noticed that my SLK (Small Little Kelisa) almost running out of most of you know, dekat sebelah Hospy Pusra*wi tu ada Petrona*s kan? i have this habit of driving in lane tengah and lepas je Pusat Dara*h, i masuklah lane kiri (selepas fitri suggested i masuk kiri so that i don't miss the petrol pump)...

and guess what? in front of us ada backhoe!!!!

Fitri : u suka duduk belakang backhoes kan? *teasing me*
Me : Mana ada, u yg suruh i masuk kiri, tgk-tgk ada backhoe..mana i nak tau... :-P

in fact, it turned out that bukan hanya satu je backhoe depan we all..ada about 5!!!!

by then, i dah ketawa gila-gila dah...and we were lega that the petrol station dah dekat, so tak perlu duduk belakang them dah..

boy, were we wrong!

As Petrona*s was approching, we realised that the backhoes in front of us is also turning to the same petrol station!

both of us were laughing even louder!

i was imagining the backhoes macam sekumpulan the ones you see dalam citer Cars...seriously!

as we were filling up, all the backhoes pun sama!...the station dimeriahkan dengan kehadiran backhoes! :-P

we filled up cepat-cepat and pray that takde lagi backhoes in from of us...and surely enough, takde...hehehe...

until now i still laugh whenever i ingat that nite...heheh...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Little one..

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 3rd November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 35 weeks
Body weight : 61 kg

Wow! I gained 2 kg in 2 weeks...the baby's weight is estimated to be 2.3kg...which is good, sebab sebelum tu dia punya weight was 1.7kg...

my appetite nowdays semakin tinggi...i've been eating and eating, mostly snacking on fruits, particularly seedless grapes and mandarin oranges my parents bought...kalau tak, papaya... :-)

checkup at AP now dah jadi every 2 weeks and for the first time since we all pergi sana, my turn is almost at 3pm! tak pernah this late...

ok, we arrived at 11 am (kes malas nak tunggu lelama sebab Dr. allocated sampai pukul 12 je pengambilan patients), and i was literally shocked masa masuk the waiting area...there were a lot of couples waiting to see the good dr.

Usually takdelah ramai macam tu sekali. i was patient no. 29 masa ambil angka giliran..masa tu Dr baru jumpa patient no. 9! seriously ramai...

Drp wasting our time waiting at the office (and bukannya banyak tempat kosong sangat pun masa tu), fitri and i went to the bank and beli barang at Ampan*g Poin*t. we spent about3 hours kat luar before walking back to the hospy.

and yet, by the time we masuk the waiting room, baru masuk nombor 20....nasib baik bawa reading materials...kalau tak, surely die of boredom menunggu...

even the nurses were stressed out..apparently the Dr tegur why they allowed ramai sangat patients from normal that day...

Nurse (while she was taking my BP) : Hari ni ramai walk-ins and ada juga patients yang call nak datang pagi dengan macam-macam sebab. even we all minta datang petang pun, ada yg cakap tgh cramp, bleeding...takkan nak say no...

Me : oh...patutlah..terkejut juga tetiba ramai orang...last time datang takde orang langsung,..

Nurse : pun ada juga yang buat appointment petang tapi tiba-tiba datang pagi...

me dalam hati berkata : aiyoh...why la m'sians like that...kalau petang, stick petang la...kesian o orang yang mmg set datang pagi... (my words could be more 'colourful' than that actually)...

when it was finally our turn, i really have to say that the Dr was really cool...padahal kita tau dia tgh stress and agak moody..he still senyum and like i mentioned before, reminded me of a prof at uni yang serabut tapi cool.

since Tun reminded me last time, i asked the good Dr sama ada if he;s going for the later due date, 20th Dec, and the baby tak ready nak keluar lagi or no contraction at all, will he wait another 2 weeks or will he induce the labor?

Dr : We will see the keadaan of the baby. tgk dia punya vitals. If perlu induce, kita induce. if not, we would wait and see.

Me : How long would Drs usually wait?

Dr : Usually its until 42 weeks, tapi i prefer something like 40 weeks + 5 days. not more.

Then, as usual, ultrascan...

Me : Dr, kedudukan baby macam mana now?

Dr : Everything looks good. The baby is in position. Kepala dia kat bawah already.
(sambil menekan-nekan my tummy), bahagian bawah ni still soft, maknanya baby belum engage lagi.

Me : when baby engage, will it means i would feel the contraction?

Dr : Not necessarily. contraction datang when its ready...(scanning my tummy). the dark area around the baby - the fluid - is a good indication of the keadaan baby. if its sikit or takde, means something wrong and its now, everything looks fine...

Me : ooooo..

Dr : According to the scan, due date is now 17th dec...(smile). mana nak pilih ni? tapi kalau i ukur the baby tiga kali pun, its going to give us 3 different dates. so don't worry..

and the dr told me the suppliments dia bagi can be taken even lepas :-P

As you can see, the picture shows the baby's head...i think mata dia macam mata Fitri...deep set eyes.. :-) whatdouthink?

a few more weeks to!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm not a morning person. definitely.

this is how i look like in the morning :

but actually, this is how i am..

ok-ok...this is HOW i really am....


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Craving for a book?

Can you imagine me craving for a book?? its not to be eaten, of course (i'm not that weird, ok?)...i've heard lots of good reviews regarding this book since it came out but being me, i'm always ketinggalan sikit...

everytime i saw it at the bookstore, i would grab it and then put it back in its shelf...dunno why.

but the urge to find out what it is about is always there.

maybe by not reading it, its my way of trying to not follow the current trend...i even bought the dvd earlier this year (i think) and until now i haven't seen it...ntah kenapa...

but things changed on Sunday, 12th...while waiting for fitri and my in-laws to arrive di GE Mall, i went to MP*H. (i was working that day, so sampai the mall earlier than orang lain).

i went to the shelf that have this book and duduk on the floor buat tak tahu kat dunia lain and read this caught my attention...i finally flipped the pages!

i read until chapter 5. and i left the bookstore with a sense of regret of not buying it....

then, last wednesday, i went out with my parents and i searched the book kat Ampan*g Poin*t....ada di Popula*r tapi cover and font tak, eventho i was tired already, i managed to pujuk my parents to Wangs*a Maju...

dengan penuh bersemangat ni, berjalan lajulah (since i can't really run nowdays) i ke MP*H sana....punyalah puas mencari, rupa-rupanya the book takde!

imagine my dissapointment and anger when i found out takde! i mean, it is a popular book and it is one of the most popular bookstore...

what i realised was, most of the books there are locally published books (which is good) and yang tak bestnya, kebanyakan juga buku cinta-cintan.....*sigh*.

adakah buku-buku ini berdasarkan demografik pembaca? adakah ia melambangkan bahawa pembaca di kawasan itu lebih tertumpu kepada chic lits and kisah-kisah cinta? (i have nothing against chic lits, mind you...i read them too)

i'm not denying that there are good books there, but the novels yang dijual tu..*sigh*.

i really think i was 'craving' for the book. why you say? coz when i didn't get it, my hati hancur macam orang yang mengidam tak dapat apa yang dia nak...hehehe...

hearing that i really² wanted the book, fitri bought one for me...hehehe...but of course now i have to wait for him to sampai dari melaka.. :-P thank you, dear!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 20th October 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 33 weeks
Body weight : 59 kg

Three pictures were taken that day! The last 2 are the 4D scans... :-D muka siapa agak-agak u guys? :-P so excited!

we were suprised that Dr wanted to do the 4D scan...position was OK. Baby is in position, but belum engage je lagi...

wow...! soon! *disbelieve*

I now have 2 expected due dates! One is 7th December (if ikut pengiraan my menstrual cycle) and the other one is around 2oth Dec. 2008. How come you ask?

Well, if based on the ukuran badan baby (and it is tiny!), due date dia lambat sikit...*sigh*...

so, when i asked the good Dr nak pilih which date, he said, "we'll go on the new date.." of course he'll keep a close eye on any changes.. :-)

my baby is about 1.7kg, tiny, but so far, alhamdulilah, everything is normal...

Fitri was with me this time and seing his face watching the screen masa tgh scanning was priceless~! i do wish i could take pix masa tu... :-)

Told Dr. that i would want an epidural masa labour and since I'm already in my 8th month, checkups will be done every 2 weeks.

I have 2 checkups done. One at AP and the other one, Klini*k Kesihata*n in AU*2. both kena pergi every 2 weeks.

Of course i will deliver the baby at AP, the reason pergi KK pun sebab nak ambil kad merah tu je..but since i dah pernah miss one appointment and have seen how committed the nurses there, i decided to go to both places...tak rugi pun, both cara checkup berlainan...!

apart from the urine test, bp and weight readings which was done by both places, KK tak do ultrascan but of course AP does...

selain itu, KK akan check heartbeat baby, ukur perut, check if i have swollen ankles and give me tetanus jabs. no suppliments since they are informed that i have taken from AP.

nnt bila bersalin, the nurses from KK akan datang melawat u and check if u need help/advise on nak mandikan, or susukan baby...

AP's checkup is simpler. Bp, weight, urine test and scan + consultation with the Dr. I like asking Dr. As*har questions....he's really cool! :-)

anyway, for the first time since i pergi AP masuk je the waiting room, it was empty! i was shocked! the nurses pun senyum je sebab apparently semua patients yg dtg earlier reacted that way...haha...and waiting was only about 1 hour+. easy breezy. :-)

in term of preparations, we are almost done with the basic things we need...just a couple more items...

my room is full of bags! i now have to start washing the baju, keep them in the drawers, prepare the hospy bag, and getting room the ready....

wow~! we are going to be parents really soon! sekejap je rasa....... :-P