Wednesday, November 26, 2008

soon? how soon?

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 26th November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 38 weeks
Body weight : 62 kg

Sorry folks this time no pictures as the image was pretty blurry..(plus i pun lupa nak minta the Dr a copy..)..

anyway, baby's weight now is 2.8 kg (if ikut ultrascan) but we budget its about 2.6 kg..and the due date definitely dah haywire coz it said now the due date is about th 27th..hahaha...

the baby is already engaged and its anytime soon now...*smile* could be within a week or it could be the 17th...whateveritis, its really soon...

the Dr even joked, "see you here (at the clinic) if you tak deliver lagi next week", as we were leaving...

yes, my might be that soon! gosh, i'm so nervous and excited at the same time!

now Fitri kena standby his phone all the time for THAT call..i pray tak contract or pecah air kat office!!!*fingers crossed*

i'll be on leave for a week (30/11-6/12) and if by then tak bersalin lagi, i'll be working for a few days (org lain semua cuti raya haji) and then bila pergi checkup for that week, try to minta MC if possible...

wow...soon! *disbelieve*


Royalshoppingarcade said...

good luck.dulu i pecah air ketuban dlm kereta kat parking lot office.i baru balik from out of office work with a matsaleh in my car.i ingat i terkencing dlm seluar! first time, tak sedar pun.hhehe
(my word verification was: droutta!hehehhehe)

Bidadari said...

thank you! when you pecah ketuban, did the mat salleh drove you to the hospy? i pun takut takleh nak bezakan pecah air and me not being able to hold myself..dah la sekarang asyik nak ke ladies jer.. :-)

fab said...

hmm i yg nervous pulak! good luck. tak sabar nak tengok ur little one :)

tun fatimah said...

omg!! it's finally here!! Do update me tawww!

miSs inTerpReted said...

pecah air ketuban for me was like peeing non stop. ihiks. i remembered being on the bed in the labour room and asking is it ok for me to pee on the bed...tapi sbenarnye its air ketuban!! malu kejap. of luck with the friend kata if tak epidural lagik senang nak push cos u can feel the urge to push. she had experience with both epi (1st child) and x epi (2nd child).1st child tu dia kata main2 je push cos tak rasa apa..hihih.

my prayers are with you. i am so excited!!!!!!!!

p/s: to tank: good luck to you too babe!!

yzmahoney said...

gud luck!!! anything roger yek!!!

farahani said...

already? oh my. good luck kak anne dengan ayah tank pun.
bukan ayah kepada tank, i mean tank.
hehe.whatever it is, welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeee to the world tank&anne junior!

mami ngah is here.hehe.

Bidadari said...

fab, i boleh paham the nervousness! hehehe..akan dimaklumkan nnt. i minta tank bagitau semua as soon as dah settle semua..

tun, mcm mana nak update? kalau rajin, tru fb lah kot..unless we have you UK hp no.. :-P

sabb, i was touched with your comment...very emo nowdays. senang tersentuh je perasaan. but i really appreciate your story! *hugs* will update asap..send us your contact k?

eizma, akan dimaklumkan...terima kasih. need all the luck in the world! dah la i ni penakut jarum, pain dan sekawan dengannya.

mami angah, seriously, our baby is going to call you mami angah tau! :-P belum keluar lagi..dia still dok seronok dalam my womb...comfy lagi kot.. :-P