Sunday, November 14, 2010

It took me a month plus to read this :

Its taking me almost 2 years to read this and i have yet to finish it... ;-)

Now, I'm itching to read this :

Which is now safely hidden in my closet until i finish reading Stardust

Haih! Tulah menggatal lagi beli buku..LOL :-P

Si Bunga the Chatterbox

My dancing Ladybug is going to be 2 soon!

My husband and i still remember during our last visit to Aquaria last Aidilfitri when a mother asked me what my daughter can say. During that time, Dahlia was near her daughter, obviously nak berkawan., dekat depan the big tank.. It goes like this (or something along the line) :

Mom keypohchi : Anak you umur berapa?

Moi : Nak masuk dua tahun bulan 12 ni...

MK : Oh, anak saya dah 2 tahun dah....anak awak boleh cakap apa?

Moi : (taken back sebab tetiba tanya pasal tahap keupayaan percakapan anak) dia dah boleh cakap sikit-sikit, kebanyakan bahasa dia la...

MK : Anak saya dah boleh cakap, boleh baca Alif, Ba, Ta sampai Ya....

Moi : (senyum ajer).

And then, since her daughter takdelah plak nak bercakap dgn my daughter yang sedang menghulurkan tangan nak pegang utk berkawan, i just tunjuk Dahlia some of the impressive fish yang ada....

Yes, my almost 2 year-old daughter tak reti bercakap then. She can says Mama, Abah, Atuk, Papa, Nenen very well...(kalau nak susu je, sendiri amik botol and cakap nak nenen)

Yes, she can't recite the Alif, Ba, Ta until Ya yet...but i'm sure she'll be able to recite them at her own pace...

But, she is a brilliant-brilliant child, which after only a few months, dah pandai cakap and such an entertainer, a happy-go-lucky toddler...

She can sing some of Sesame Streets and Barney's song. Walaupun tak berapa jelas, but you know which song she's singing.

She can now cakap "3,2,1...blast off!" before saying "The Sky!" (please tgk Barney : The Space), she understands the concept and meaning of "Terima Kasih" and "Thank you"...and says "Akum" sebelum masuk pagar and rumah...

She can identify which one is her Abah, Mama (which sometimes she would cheekily calls us by our nicknames "Abi" or "Anne"), Atuk, Mak, Mami and Papa for her grandparents, Abang Afeeeq, Achak, Jojo for her cousin and uncles.

She would call my Bro-in-law, Yuyu or whenever she tgk logo Starbucks, Yuyu! sebabnya, my BIL tu kerja di Starbucks and of course, almost sentiasa pakai their t-shirt.

She calls my best friend, Mami Jess.

She calls herself Baby (tho we are still trying to identify isit becoz she thinks she saw another toddler dkt mirror or mmg dia panggil diri dia Baby) or Lia.

She will jawab 'OK' when u ask her to wait or something. and she can count...1 to 10 (with a few nos missing..)

And she can say "No" if she doesn't want anything....

She can handle and play with an iphone, dvd player withe ease.

Like most toddlers, she loves the phone,! :-P

She loves to sing esp. when she's alone and dance...and would entertain us whenever she can, sometime out of the blue e.g while we were having brekkie.

And boy, can she play!

And yes, like all parents who adores their child, I'm gushing about my almost 2 year old daughter. :-)