Wednesday, November 26, 2008

soon? how soon?

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 26th November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 38 weeks
Body weight : 62 kg

Sorry folks this time no pictures as the image was pretty blurry..(plus i pun lupa nak minta the Dr a copy..)..

anyway, baby's weight now is 2.8 kg (if ikut ultrascan) but we budget its about 2.6 kg..and the due date definitely dah haywire coz it said now the due date is about th 27th..hahaha...

the baby is already engaged and its anytime soon now...*smile* could be within a week or it could be the 17th...whateveritis, its really soon...

the Dr even joked, "see you here (at the clinic) if you tak deliver lagi next week", as we were leaving...

yes, my might be that soon! gosh, i'm so nervous and excited at the same time!

now Fitri kena standby his phone all the time for THAT call..i pray tak contract or pecah air kat office!!!*fingers crossed*

i'll be on leave for a week (30/11-6/12) and if by then tak bersalin lagi, i'll be working for a few days (org lain semua cuti raya haji) and then bila pergi checkup for that week, try to minta MC if possible...

wow...soon! *disbelieve*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boom De Ya Da!

"It never gets old, huh?"
"It kinda makes you wanna...break into song?"

I love the mountains, I love the clear blue sky
I love big bridges,
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world, and all it's sights and sounds

Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada

I love the ocean,
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast,
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world and all it's craziness
Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada
I love tornadoes,
I love arachnids
I love hot magma,
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world, Its such a brilliant place

Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada, BoomdeyadaBoomdeyada, Boomdeyada, Boomdeyada


Something to perk up your day! :-)

Peterpan - Menghapus Jejakmu

terus melangkah melupakanmu
belah hati perhatikan sikapmu
jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu
tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu
kucoba untuk terus menjauh
perlahan hatiku terbelenggu
kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

engkau bukanlah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

terus melangkah melupakanmu
belah hati perhatikan sikapmu
jalan pikiranmu buatku ragu
tak mungkin ini tetap bertahan

perlahan mimpi terasa mengganggu
kucoba untuk terus menjauh
perlahan hatiku terbelenggu
kucoba untuk lanjutkan itu

engkau bukanlah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

lepaskan segalanya
lepaskan segalanya

engkau bukanlah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk hentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu



This is the song i tgh dok dengar virtually non-stop everyday...i find it catchy and lyrics dia pun best.. :-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mari bersenam...or not.

National Fatwa Council Rules Yoga To Be 'Haram'

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 22 (Bernama) -- The National Fatwa Council has ruled that yoga is 'haram" for Muslims.

Its chairman, Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said only the physical aspect of yoga without the mantras and elements of worshipping outwardly was not wrong (in Islam).

However, he said, yoga was not to be encouraged among Muslims for fear that it could erode their Islamic faith since the physical part was a component of yoga practice as a whole.

He said there were three stages to yoga practice, which originated from the Hindus, -- first, the physical aspect which is the exercise part; second the mantras and worshipping and third the unification of oneself with God.

"Therefore, members of the council reached a consensus that any practice, regardless of type and in whatever form that have such elements, contradict Islamic teachings," he told a press conference here.

Abdul Shukor said the matter was decided at the 83rd National Fatwa Council meeting held in Kota Baharu from Oct 22 to 24 and that the decision would be conveyed to the respective state religious councils for gazetting.

He said yoga practice among Muslims had also been banned in Singapore and Egypt.

Abdul Shukor said various programmes would be carried out by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to enlighten Muslims on yoga.

He also advised Muslims to get information on any exercise programme before practising them to ensure that they would not affect their religious faith.

He said there were many other ways which Muslims could do to exercise for health, like praying.

Yoga has been practised since 3000 BC and is said to be able to slow down the ageing process, reduce the risk of diabetes, asthma and heart-related diseases. -- BERNAMA


*sigh* personally i love yoga..minus the chanting lah...i mean, whenever i do yoga pun bukannya ada the mantras pun...ok, the instructor adalah sebut pasal sun etc, but i takdelah dgr kan? even at times i would be dozing off esp masa meditation.... :-P dozing off or day dreaming sambil tutup mata...

for me yoga is a form of exercise, a good way for me to move my couch potato bum from the sofa or chair...and i sleep better after each session...

granted, i only did yoga for about 3 months (or maybe even less), and now dah stop sebab my kemalasan and kepenatan, but learning about it makes me understand more about the art.

i don't see it as all depends on nawaitu seseorang....for me, it for my and the baby's wellbeing...tak pernah berniat benda lain selain ia sebagai satu senaman pun.

yes, i am guilty for not practising eventho i already bought the yoga for preggies book a few months ago...but tak larat lah...(alasan atau kenyataan? entahlah..) :-D

i guess now kalau nak beryoga (minus the chants and mantras, of course) kena buat kat rumah senyap-senyap careful..jangan tersalah lipat-lipat, ya!

Friday, November 21, 2008

chubby cheeks & long legs

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h (but digantikan with another Dr this time)
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 18th November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 37 weeks
Body weight : 61 kg

I had my Dr's appointment with AP last Tuesday, 18th Nov....sorrylah folks kali ni no pix sebab the checkup was not done by Dr. Asha*r, instead Dr. Ros-something yang ganti while he's on a week leave....

actually ada je salinan ultrascan tu tapi i have to admit, tak nampak apa sangat pun...even i had a hard time nak mentafsir the pix...Dr tu tak setting the brightness fact she didn't even masukkan my data pun (data = date of my last period etc)...

don't get me wrong, she is a nice fact, pleasant and easy to talk to. she's one of the partners in a private clinic in Kg. Bar*u and she often replace 3 drs in AP whenever they go on leave...

even masa i pergi tu takde orang sangat pun at the clinic...rupanya that day ada like 6 or 7 je patients yang datang....ramai takmau checkup dgn dr lain selain Dr. Asha*r kot...i don't really mind, as long as kena check.....kalau bersalin tu lain cerita, of course.

Dr : wah, your weight tak banyak berubah since last time...actually ramai je patients harini yang tak banyak naik weight...i should get myself check at the weight machine too...seronok sikit long as weight baby pun naik, and yours gradually too, that should be ok...kita takut berat baby tak naik, or the mother's weight turun...tu yang susah.

hahaha...that breaks the ice issnt it?

anyway, masa scan, the Dr was as excited as i was...hahaha....

Dr : Your placenta is in the right place and the amnio fluid looks good...thats a good indication...thats the heartbeat, very strong...dia tengah bernafas dalam fluid, u can see there, mulut dia terbuka...amazing issnt it dulu kita semua boleh bernafas dalam air?

Me : *smile*

Dr : (dah ukur the head and body), the baby's lenght is about 35 weeks, so i think the due date is about the 20th, now lets try to find dia punya kaki shall we? oh my, you have a very active baby...garang bila nak scan, menendang..*smile*...there, kaki dia tgh bengkok...panjang kaki tu...bapa dia tinggi ek?

Me : hahaha..itu ikut bapa dia la Dr. Haritu Dr. Asha*r kata 85% its baby ******, what do you think?

Dr : Lets see, haaa...there kat cursor tu you can see dia nyer organ, i can now give you 90% its a *****...your baby punya pipi ni chubby...bayi yang comel.. and the weight is about 2.6kg..

i left the office smiling....alhamdulilah sihat....

just a few more weeks to go...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My husband seems to think that i have a fascination towards backhoes....why you ask? :-)

well, it all happened last Tuesday nite...i went to pickup Fitri at the LR*T station and he suggested "Jom pergi makan ketam"...its like music to my ears...i've been craving for ketam masak sweet sour since forever and off we go to Brickfiel*ds (thats my family's fave spot for ketam and steamboat chinese style..yum!)...

sampai-sampai je sana, the kedai tutup..uhuhu...i'm not sure the kedai tutup on that particular day or dia mmg dah tutup forever...anyway, we decided to go back home...

as we drive past Brickfie*ld's police station, and sampai the jalan where you can go left towards KL and right, PJ, in front of us was this massive bus...

selepas menyelit jalan, rather naik divider, utk masuk jalan ke arah KL (the bus halang jalan), we on the way home..

di Jalan Sy*ed Putr*a, as soon as the bus/taxi lane tamat, we were at the back a backhoe...of as u know, backhoes are really sllllooooowwww....

nak potong, banyaklah pula, kena sabar je la..then, amiklah ext dekat area masjid negara..

punyalah sibuk berborak, i missed the exit to Jalan Sulta*n Isma*il, so lalulah Jalan Tu*n Razak....

Then, i noticed that my SLK (Small Little Kelisa) almost running out of most of you know, dekat sebelah Hospy Pusra*wi tu ada Petrona*s kan? i have this habit of driving in lane tengah and lepas je Pusat Dara*h, i masuklah lane kiri (selepas fitri suggested i masuk kiri so that i don't miss the petrol pump)...

and guess what? in front of us ada backhoe!!!!

Fitri : u suka duduk belakang backhoes kan? *teasing me*
Me : Mana ada, u yg suruh i masuk kiri, tgk-tgk ada backhoe..mana i nak tau... :-P

in fact, it turned out that bukan hanya satu je backhoe depan we all..ada about 5!!!!

by then, i dah ketawa gila-gila dah...and we were lega that the petrol station dah dekat, so tak perlu duduk belakang them dah..

boy, were we wrong!

As Petrona*s was approching, we realised that the backhoes in front of us is also turning to the same petrol station!

both of us were laughing even louder!

i was imagining the backhoes macam sekumpulan the ones you see dalam citer Cars...seriously!

as we were filling up, all the backhoes pun sama!...the station dimeriahkan dengan kehadiran backhoes! :-P

we filled up cepat-cepat and pray that takde lagi backhoes in from of us...and surely enough, takde...hehehe...

until now i still laugh whenever i ingat that nite...heheh...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Little one..

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 3rd November 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 35 weeks
Body weight : 61 kg

Wow! I gained 2 kg in 2 weeks...the baby's weight is estimated to be 2.3kg...which is good, sebab sebelum tu dia punya weight was 1.7kg...

my appetite nowdays semakin tinggi...i've been eating and eating, mostly snacking on fruits, particularly seedless grapes and mandarin oranges my parents bought...kalau tak, papaya... :-)

checkup at AP now dah jadi every 2 weeks and for the first time since we all pergi sana, my turn is almost at 3pm! tak pernah this late...

ok, we arrived at 11 am (kes malas nak tunggu lelama sebab Dr. allocated sampai pukul 12 je pengambilan patients), and i was literally shocked masa masuk the waiting area...there were a lot of couples waiting to see the good dr.

Usually takdelah ramai macam tu sekali. i was patient no. 29 masa ambil angka giliran..masa tu Dr baru jumpa patient no. 9! seriously ramai...

Drp wasting our time waiting at the office (and bukannya banyak tempat kosong sangat pun masa tu), fitri and i went to the bank and beli barang at Ampan*g Poin*t. we spent about3 hours kat luar before walking back to the hospy.

and yet, by the time we masuk the waiting room, baru masuk nombor 20....nasib baik bawa reading materials...kalau tak, surely die of boredom menunggu...

even the nurses were stressed out..apparently the Dr tegur why they allowed ramai sangat patients from normal that day...

Nurse (while she was taking my BP) : Hari ni ramai walk-ins and ada juga patients yang call nak datang pagi dengan macam-macam sebab. even we all minta datang petang pun, ada yg cakap tgh cramp, bleeding...takkan nak say no...

Me : oh...patutlah..terkejut juga tetiba ramai orang...last time datang takde orang langsung,..

Nurse : pun ada juga yang buat appointment petang tapi tiba-tiba datang pagi...

me dalam hati berkata : aiyoh...why la m'sians like that...kalau petang, stick petang la...kesian o orang yang mmg set datang pagi... (my words could be more 'colourful' than that actually)...

when it was finally our turn, i really have to say that the Dr was really cool...padahal kita tau dia tgh stress and agak moody..he still senyum and like i mentioned before, reminded me of a prof at uni yang serabut tapi cool.

since Tun reminded me last time, i asked the good Dr sama ada if he;s going for the later due date, 20th Dec, and the baby tak ready nak keluar lagi or no contraction at all, will he wait another 2 weeks or will he induce the labor?

Dr : We will see the keadaan of the baby. tgk dia punya vitals. If perlu induce, kita induce. if not, we would wait and see.

Me : How long would Drs usually wait?

Dr : Usually its until 42 weeks, tapi i prefer something like 40 weeks + 5 days. not more.

Then, as usual, ultrascan...

Me : Dr, kedudukan baby macam mana now?

Dr : Everything looks good. The baby is in position. Kepala dia kat bawah already.
(sambil menekan-nekan my tummy), bahagian bawah ni still soft, maknanya baby belum engage lagi.

Me : when baby engage, will it means i would feel the contraction?

Dr : Not necessarily. contraction datang when its ready...(scanning my tummy). the dark area around the baby - the fluid - is a good indication of the keadaan baby. if its sikit or takde, means something wrong and its now, everything looks fine...

Me : ooooo..

Dr : According to the scan, due date is now 17th dec...(smile). mana nak pilih ni? tapi kalau i ukur the baby tiga kali pun, its going to give us 3 different dates. so don't worry..

and the dr told me the suppliments dia bagi can be taken even lepas :-P

As you can see, the picture shows the baby's head...i think mata dia macam mata Fitri...deep set eyes.. :-) whatdouthink?

a few more weeks to!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm not a morning person. definitely.

this is how i look like in the morning :

but actually, this is how i am..

ok-ok...this is HOW i really am....