Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parenthood part 1

You know you are a parent when.............

you buy things for your child/children without thinking much the price of the item.

but when it comes to you, which the price of the item is about the same, it will take you a while to think and perhaps, buy....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Birth announcement

Caught your attention didn't i? :-P

I was having a hard time remembering the tajuk of my thesis and cara yang paling senang is of course, to google my name. bukan vain ke apa, ok, but when i started working dulu, i selalu sesaja type my name kat google out of boredom.

the search results then, well, takdela memberangsangkan. hanya satu page with a few list of names yang similar dgn i and of course, my research tittle. :-)

ishk i dah lari topik. anyway, since i've been trying to remember the research i did eons ago, i pun type la nama i ni..kali ni lebih satu page la..and i was having a hard time finding the info i wanted.

cari punya cari, i got a pleasant surprise! This : beritabernama newsletter ...altho salah tarikh, but it still sangat sangat bermakna dalam hidup!

I love you both mama and papa! forever and ever!!

Btw, i still tak jumpa the exct page i wanted (maybe becoz my former supervisor dah pindah uni) but if you guys are interested, my research citation can be found here and here

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I nak carut. seriously nak je mak carut kat Malaysians yang tak appreciate being Malaysians or rather, proud of our local product.

I'm not saying ALL our local products is good.
But, ada banyak je yang standard tinggi, export quality.
Padahal banyak je local bizs, SMEs are doing us proud!

I was at GE Mall this afternoon to meet my in-laws...
As I was in the lift, nak balik to my car, theres 2 Malaysian relatively not-so young ladies dekat belakang i, going to the same floor.

Lady 1 : Malaysia's beef is not as good as export quality beef.

Lady 2 : True...thats why i always buy my beef everytime I'm in Singapore! *bangga*

Moi : WTF!!??

Picture from Google

Nasib baiklah mak nak cepat and teringat semangat 1Malaysia.

Kalau tak, nak je mak cakap : Do you ever eat at any restaurants (tak kiralah mamak ke, kedai tom yam ke, kedai mak tipah ke, kedai tepi lorong ke, or even restaurants high class here)? have you ever asked if they use local meat or the ones from India or Oz?? I bet most of them use local meat as it is much cheaper and if you cook something right, or delicious enough, it doesn't really matter if its local or imported no?

Btw, do u drink milk? Do u drink Dutc* Lad*'s milk? If u do, and u find it tasty enough, u are drinking local cow's milk. Even multinational companies uses our local dairy!

Kalau bangga sangat singapore's meat, where do u think they get their supplies? and don't u think ada je imported meat here in malaysia...what an idiot!