Friday, January 14, 2011

Birth announcement

Caught your attention didn't i? :-P

I was having a hard time remembering the tajuk of my thesis and cara yang paling senang is of course, to google my name. bukan vain ke apa, ok, but when i started working dulu, i selalu sesaja type my name kat google out of boredom.

the search results then, well, takdela memberangsangkan. hanya satu page with a few list of names yang similar dgn i and of course, my research tittle. :-)

ishk i dah lari topik. anyway, since i've been trying to remember the research i did eons ago, i pun type la nama i ni..kali ni lebih satu page la..and i was having a hard time finding the info i wanted.

cari punya cari, i got a pleasant surprise! This : beritabernama newsletter ...altho salah tarikh, but it still sangat sangat bermakna dalam hidup!

I love you both mama and papa! forever and ever!!

Btw, i still tak jumpa the exct page i wanted (maybe becoz my former supervisor dah pindah uni) but if you guys are interested, my research citation can be found here and here

1 comment:

miSs inTerpReted said...

haha....i pon masa baru2 keje kat nst slalu google my own name. hahahah...

and yeay...ur research was actually cited by someone. cool!!!

and, sgt best ok wht ur parents did. :)