Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its a Girl! :-)

Name : Dah*lia an-Na*jla Sham*shul Fitri
Sex : Girl
Date of birth : 22nd December 2008 (24 Zulhijjah 1429H)
Time of birth : 2151 hrs (or 9.51 pm)
Weight : 3.10 kg

Hospital : Ampan*g Puter*i Specialist Hospital
Obstetrician : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdull*ah
Pediatrician : Dr. Hali*za Mohd Shaf*ie

A little huraian.....

DAH*LIA. The dah*lia is the national flower of Mex*ico and it is there that it was first discovered growing wild by the Europeans. A member of the Compositae (daisy-like) family, it was grown and improved by a Swedish Botanist, Andreas Dahl, and named after him.

It was brought to Gre*at Bri*tain late in the 18th century and today it is a summer flower grown in all countries where the climate is mild. But it will blacken overnight in the first frost of autumn.

The original wild Mexica*n dahlias had yellow centres and red petals, but now varieties are grown in many different shades of red, yellow and purple.

Pale pink & yellow dahlia
(Pix : taken from

They vary considerably in shape and size, and their names generally give some idea of their appearance.

They include the large show and fancy dahlias, with many petals marked in several colours; single dahlias with one row of petals; cactus dahlias with pointed, starry flowers; peony dahlias which, with their large petals, look rather like the rend and pink flowers called peonies; and the dainty pompom dahlias, with round heads consisting of beautifully arranged, close-fitting petals.
Purple dahlia.
(Pix taken from here)

Dahlias grow from thick, underground stems called tubers and after the flowers have finished blooming in autumn, the tubers should be lifted and stored in a dry place, ready to be planted in the garden again the following May.
(Source : Children's Brita*nnica Vol. 6; Encycl*opedia Brita*nnica International, Ltd London. 1981)

NAJLA means yang mempunyai mata yang jelita.

Sungguhpun bukan local flower, but our daughter's name is based on a beautiful flower.... :-)

P/S : We would like to thank everyone for your wishes, visits and gifts....they meant a lot to us...Thank you!


puterikata said...


fab said...

hmm i like the name 'dahlia'...pretty name on its own & u know what...actually dahlia was also in my baby's name list too hehe

tahniah anne & tank! hopefully can see u soon...happy berpantang

Bidadari said...

Kak Puterikata, terima kasih bebanyak! terima kasih atas segala nasihat dan kata-kata perangsang! *hugs*

Fab, nama Dahlia cantikkan? heheheh...hope to see you soon too! enjoy yourself and get enough rest while u can! seriously. :-P

Jas said...

waaah! I was reading this entry as well as your birth story, and I miss my darling dahlia! She must be a lot bigger now, all *ahem* things considered... ;0)

(more) Hugz & kisses from mommy jas!

farahani said...

tulah when abg said the name was dahlia, i was like alaaaaaaaaaaaa tu nama baby angah tuh.haha.

neways siapa yang bersalin dulu kan? hehe. best tak dapat new year present? baby pulak tuh.oh my god. congrats.

definetely love at first sight :)

oh yah, she can call me mami ngah.

congrats kak anne!