Friday, February 29, 2008

pilihan, memilih, memihak?

So ok, everywhere you go nowdays mesti banyak bendera, stickers, reports of the upcoming pilihanraya..its everywhere! its making me sick...(not helping when u are smack in the middle of it all kan?)

firstly tak paham why kena satu tempat or rather spot tu mesti ada puluhan/ratusan bendera, sticker or that tape yang panjang tu utk tandakan the party....pelikkan? i mean, kenapa diaorg tak buat benda yang sama untuk bendera Ma*laysia or states? kalau politic*al parties, gila tak ingat....taksub for some...dah pulak for me, mengotorkan keadaan.

lets see how much of this bendera etc akan dapat ditanggalkan...mesti ada yang akan melekat for bertahun-tahun...maybe even until the next pi*lihanraya! i was reading reports that b*n spent more than RM1 mil (or isit bil?) for promotion. i'm sure othe parti*es pun guna duit yang agak banyak too....gile ke apa?

bukankah patut the money guna utk org yang memerlukan? don;t they watch the series like Ber*samamu or whatever kat telly? it shows that they are still people yang perlu diutamakan....not promotion so that you can win...

as you can see, i'm not really into polit*ics. i've always hated it, thats why masa my mum suggested i ambil political sc macam ra*zak bagin*da, i kata takmolah. bosan.

so, ok, they are good politi8cians out there...but berapa ramai? its always disheartening when u tgk reports of someone with power, menyalahgunakan the kepercayaan yang diberi oleh rkyat untk self-gain. i mean, see la like the guy in klan*g tu.

i (MAYBE) support the ruling par*ty , as they have given me a good education, money for me to belajar, a peaceful nation....but then, sakit hati lah when u hear stories macam that guy and the guy yg suruh tutup one eye coz of the balak kes aritu!

they were the ones yg kena tunjuk contoh, and yet, they are such creeps! some poltici8ans act like they own the country! whatever happens to 'we work together' thingy?

they are ppl yang nak buat something yang tak logik just to raih un*di. come onlah..pengun*di nowdays are not gullible! don;t think you can tipu us...tak kiralah kat this hutan konkrit or the folks kat kampung.

everyone can see what is happening...everyone can see the empty promises....its just hard for them tu pilih coz the parti*es involved ada their own strength and weaknesses..

i'm just pissed off actually. pilih*anraya is such drama kan? masa ni lah semua orang nak tunjuk baik, masa ni lah nak mencaci orang tak ingat dunia, masa ni lah nak menjahamkan alam, masa ni lah segala propaganda keluar sebab nak raih un*di., masa ni lah me*dia kena alat at the same time kena bang....

being a peng*undi for the first time in the next few days, i' seriously thinking apa/siapa yang nak i pilih the party or should i pilih the individual..? i mean, takkan orang sengaja nak jatuhkan nama negara kan? tak kiralah u pem*bangkang or tidak....what if the person chosen dulu wsn't really buat kerja dia? i mean, whats the significant thing yang dia buat for the kawasan? what if the person aritu pun tak kenal the penduduk yang elec*t him dulu? .

i believe in public relation. its something yang harus dikekalkan. but sadly, our pilihan*raya sometimes is like a joke. memula poyo berkem*pen, but bila dah kena pilih, terus senyap. bila nak elec*tion sekali lagi, baru timbul. masa nilah tetiba whatever rak*yat complained before diperbaiki...why can't they do it much earlierlah?

what if you buat pilihan yang salah? four or five years is bukan satu tempoh yang pendek, ok? if you ada anak, that tempoh u dah boleh tgk dia bercakap, lari and whatnot....

gosh, so many questions....*sigh*


cik ayang said...

i havent had the chance to mengundi yet but i sure hell akan dilemma jugak kalau kena memilih.. how do we really choose the right party/candidate kann? hmm... banyak nak kena pikir..

Dayang Rosli said...

ive been thinking about the shameless self promotions that are on full throttle this week. my fren quoted it the best "ive been watching the ads for the elections. cute!"

"cute!" she said. like little kids with money playing politicians.

and what will happen to all the flags, stickers and those irritating, signage blocking party tape/little flags? waste waste waste. do they really need em? do theeeeyy??? like hundreds of them stuck on every tree and pole available. .... i bet if we put a single huge colourful poster of ourself in the midst of all those little little flags and stickers, we can stand out more. :P

jom letak one rainbow flag somewhere along MRR2. i am tempted.

Bidadari said...

Emma, i read a bernama article on pengundi senyap today. if i'm not mistaken, there's 20% of pengundi senyap in the country. i think i'm one of them. pengundi yang still menganalisis keadaan before casting their vote. pening ooo if fikir about it...i'm having mixed feelings about all this election thingy.

Dayang...lets! buat the most colourful flag ever. mesti orang pening! hahahah...