Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I went home early today..malas nak duduk lelama kat office eventho ada kerja nak siapkan. yesterday my plans to cari buku terbantut, and today i've decided to get myself a book. went to g.e mall and *tra la la la la*, beli empat books + 1 magazine! hahahahaha....

ok, 3 of the books are in a value pack (kira 3 at the price of 1-lah), one (D is for Dahl) tu menggatal beli sebab it seems interesting, and the mag (malas nak scan) - Tell, is something fitri and i selalu baca...i can't wait to read them later tonite! i bet they are also going to be peneman when i accompany papa to the hospy this friday for his eye surgery.


miSs inTerpReted said...

Oh gosh. I loved reading matilda and BFG and James and the Giant Peach. U should also read witches, henry sugar and other stories and banyak lagi buku dia. Its all good, i tell you. tak rugi beli. and can be passed on to ur children nanti. huhu. I heart Roald Dahl.

Bidadari said...

Sabb! how true! i tgh baca BFG and baru a few chapters, i dah ketawa tak ingat..i'm having a good time reading it...! agak-agak kalau giants makan m'sia human bean rasa apa? :-P

i pun pikir benda yang sama..simpan for future generations... :-D

Queen Of The House said...

Interesting-looking books. Hehe, i go for the cover as well - lagi colourful and whimsical, lagi I like!

Tell is worth reading. I bought two issues :-)

Bidadari said...

Aunty L, the books are wonderful! if nak baca, just let me know...i'm currently reading BFG (the rest belum lagi...) but 'The Complete Adventure of Charlie and Willy Wonka' is at home, waiting for more ppl to enjoy reading it.. :-D.

and if any of the lil' ones nak baca, i think this is is a good book for them! (of course, for adults too! :-D)

Tell best kan? tak sempat baca the new one lagi, its at home.... :-(