Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heres looking at you, kid!

Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 22nd September 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 29 weeks
Body weight : 57 kg

Again, I gained only 500g this time compared to the previous checkup...i think its due to the bulan puasa and my selsema-batuk that lasted more than 3 weeks...well, more importantly, i'm now well and alhamdulilah healthy...

nowdays senang sangat penat...i don't nap as often these days, prolly because i've been preoccupied with work. so far my bosses agak faham my situation..tho, ada juga sometimes ada time yang akan agak inconsiderate. *sigh*.

personally, i would like to think, if u have personal issues, please don't kenakan kat orang lain..leave it at the door before u step in the office. or if u do have issues, dont let it interfere with your judgement. checkup this time tak perlu nak kena tunggu sampai 3 hours...maybe sebab tak ramai orang eventho we came in the Dr's office at 10 am. almost 12 dah masuk dah, sampai fitri pun tak sempat join me as he went to get some stuff at the nearby kedai...

Dr. As*har : You have a tiny baby. I think its due to your small frame.
Me : Will evverything be OK?
Dr : Yes...Reading dia tak lari daripada previous measurements.
Me : *sigh of relief*
Dr : So far, date due is still 7th Dec. *smile*

I can't help but smile when the good Dr was scanning my tummy...after dah measure the kepala, badan etc, as he moved the scanner (?) i ternampak baby's tapak kaki...dia tgh menolak my tummy!

when Dr was about to move the scanner, i quickly counted the toes...1, 2, 3, 4, 5...the Dr chuckled. hahaha...

and he began scanning for the other kaki and again, we counted the toes. :-P

Dr : So far the baby looks healthy...everything nampak normal..
Me : *smile*

i left the Dr's office with a silly grin on me...when we did the scanning, i tak nampaklah pula the Dr scan the baby's face...bila dapat je the copy, as you can see, dah nampak the facial features! tangan and tummy pun sama...

the baby nampak tenang kan? i can't wait to hold my baby!


tun fatimah said...

commellnye! nak pregnant lagik lahhh! :p btw since baby u malu2 nak tunjuk tuut.. i think its a girl..!

Dayang Rosli said...

baby nampak tenang? yalah...wait until baby is born and welcome to the family! unless of course the baby somehow takes after your mom. hehe

fabulous said...

wow ur due date sgtla dah dekat :)i pon tak sabar wanna hold my baby too.. ithink sure semua org feel that way masa preggi esp first timer betul tak tun? andddd...u r so lucky for not gaining so much weight...i weighted @ 60kg tau!

Fadzli said...

Aiseh, i can see Tank punya kening tebal la...

tank said...


Bidadari said...

Tun, we will have to see if its a girl or a boy..oh, u tukar pendapat ek? aritu kata boy...hahahha...whateveritis, susah juga ek being preggie. i'm now so excited pada masa yang sama takut...pelikka?

Cuz, yes...i can't imagine how the baby will be nnt esp with our big and very the bising family! hahahah...nak ajar dia cakap standrd bm, english and of course, loghat kedah! (takdelah moden sangat kan nanti..?)

Fab, tak sabar kan? i pun selalu je tgk my perut gerak-gerak...its a wonderful feeling, seems surreal that we are going to be parents so soon! tinggal 10 weeks je lagi!

Grunge, hahaha..kening tebal, agak-agak akan jadi babe or guy magnet ka? *still taknak bgtau baby's gender* :-P if so, pening lah tank and i nanti...hahahah

beautifulLIFE said...

anne..hhhmm i pun terasa tempias excited about this whole experience..berdebar2 plak! tau..u cherish every moment..sbb bila baby dah keluar..nanti kita dah tak ingat dah, unless u experience it keluar another new chapter..jgn lupa byk berdoa!takecare dear!