Friday, August 1, 2008


i'm so pissed off at a colleague today....well, i'm easily irritated every day pun....tapi kali ni i'm so like mega mad...

you see, i went for an asgmt a few days before my cuti and i was holding that story until i get back....dahlah asgmt mmg ramai org datang and everyone kena tahan sabar sebab slow...then, harini i berkobar-kobarlah nak buat story sebab plan nak keluarkan rabu ni...

aleh-aleh, a colleague dah beat me to it! dahla dia tak pergi asgmt tu, most likely got the release from the pr and dia nak publish for his column this sunday! *curses*

i'm angry coz the sunday issue team has a week to prepare stuff, unlike the daily like us...yg kerja separuh nak mati sebab nak kejar datelines, asgments.....and dia senang-senang guna release and tambah-tambah info lain!

plus sunday issue selalunya kena buat special interviews for kolum kesihatan and bukannya selalu sgt pergi asgmt...argh!

dahlah ni like kali kedua or ketiga dah kena perkara yang sama! told my boss and dia kata boleh simpan utk raya etc...tapi cam tak best kan kena recycle story padahal it should be ours in the first place!

terus tak bersemangat nak buat story. marahnya!

and you know what? the story is about stress and hypertension...go figure.

UPDATE : My friend apologised to me last Friday about it...he didn't know about me pergi the asgnment and said that he only wrote what is based on the press release. so, i can kembangkan lagi the article later-later. i accepted his apology. all is good.

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