Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Abi!

self, originally uploaded by Fitri Majid.

Happy 29th Birthday, Abi!

Here's to another great year full of laughter, joy and fun...of course, a life full of suprises, love and happiness!

Sorry sangat tak dapat celebrate it with you over there..tho, i do wish i'm there....

Love you to bits! and now, kita dah tak share age yang samalah.. :-D

Lots of love always and always,


Jas said...

happy birthday fitri! I'm sure Anne is sorry your 'birthday present' will only arrive in December. ;0)

Anne, great pic of your Abi! Love it.

Bidadari said...

hi Jess! o, my abi had a war photog book he wanted for his b'day and another one this december...double gifts, double joy...i love the pix too..thats my fave pix of him!