Monday, May 18, 2009


i wanted to write more but i'm so exhausted...just got back from penang...our first family trip... :-)

anyway, as requested by iezma and nana, here is the add for wholesomebabyfood.

yes, dahlia sudah makan...actually terawal sikit...3 1/2 months dah makan and i tell you, she is such an eager baby....comot takyah cakap la kan... :-)

will (hopefully update soon)..take care peeps!


beautifulLIFE said...

anne..i mmg suker sgt website tuh..mmg sumber resepi...i suka sgt time baby baru nak mkn..sbb kita pun eager nak buat mcm2! enjoy the moments!

Diamilikku said...

just drop by to say hi....

Bidadari said...

Sha, i pun suka! tapi mcm malas nak refer so, ended up i beli buku annabel karmel! best! mlm ni nak try buat..hehehe..

Kak Sue, macam mana boleh terjumpa blog nie? terkejut jap anne...jgn bgtau org ek?