Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Obgyn : Datuk Dr. As*har Abdulla*h
Location : Ampan*g Pute*ri Specialist Hospy
Date of checkup : 20th October 2008
Weeks of pregnancy : 33 weeks
Body weight : 59 kg

Three pictures were taken that day! The last 2 are the 4D scans... :-D muka siapa agak-agak u guys? :-P so excited!

we were suprised that Dr wanted to do the 4D scan...position was OK. Baby is in position, but belum engage je lagi...

wow...! soon! *disbelieve*

I now have 2 expected due dates! One is 7th December (if ikut pengiraan my menstrual cycle) and the other one is around 2oth Dec. 2008. How come you ask?

Well, if based on the ukuran badan baby (and it is tiny!), due date dia lambat sikit...*sigh*...

so, when i asked the good Dr nak pilih which date, he said, "we'll go on the new date.." of course he'll keep a close eye on any changes.. :-)

my baby is about 1.7kg, tiny, but so far, alhamdulilah, everything is normal...

Fitri was with me this time and seing his face watching the screen masa tgh scanning was priceless~! i do wish i could take pix masa tu... :-)

Told Dr. that i would want an epidural masa labour and since I'm already in my 8th month, checkups will be done every 2 weeks.

I have 2 checkups done. One at AP and the other one, Klini*k Kesihata*n in AU*2. both kena pergi every 2 weeks.

Of course i will deliver the baby at AP, the reason pergi KK pun sebab nak ambil kad merah tu je..but since i dah pernah miss one appointment and have seen how committed the nurses there, i decided to go to both places...tak rugi pun, both cara checkup berlainan...!

apart from the urine test, bp and weight readings which was done by both places, KK tak do ultrascan but of course AP does...

selain itu, KK akan check heartbeat baby, ukur perut, check if i have swollen ankles and give me tetanus jabs. no suppliments since they are informed that i have taken from AP.

nnt bila bersalin, the nurses from KK akan datang melawat u and check if u need help/advise on nak mandikan, or susukan baby...

AP's checkup is simpler. Bp, weight, urine test and scan + consultation with the Dr. I like asking Dr. As*har questions....he's really cool! :-)

anyway, for the first time since i pergi AP masuk je the waiting room, it was empty! i was shocked! the nurses pun senyum je sebab apparently semua patients yg dtg earlier reacted that way...haha...and waiting was only about 1 hour+. easy breezy. :-)

in term of preparations, we are almost done with the basic things we need...just a couple more items...

my room is full of bags! i now have to start washing the baju, keep them in the drawers, prepare the hospy bag, and getting room the ready....

wow~! we are going to be parents really soon! sekejap je rasa....... :-P


missy wanderful said...

owh tak sangka u ada header baru (since i pakai googlereader-wateverrrr tu so tak nampak layout bagai)..

nice larh ;)

tun fatimah said...

1. I cant believe you are still belo 60kg at this point!! Sangat inspiring !

2. I can't wait for the baby to come! ps: kalau 20th Dec maseh tak deliver adekah anda akan induce? or wait lagik - coz there's a big chance that your baby could be born next year! Ohh.. the anticipation is killing me!

3. All my friends here yang due in January are expecting boy and those due in December semua expecting girl! Coincidence?? Well Fab is having a boy too and she's due in January! I am still wondering what sex is the baby.. haha

Bidadari said...

Missy..thank you! i was such a jakun nak update-update layout nie. gila 3 hari sebab asyik fail..hahah...kena gak buat masa time kerja kan? :-P

1. yes, masih bawah 60kg tapi kena gain lagi small...tapi dah makan banyak pelbagai...

2. i lupa nak tanya dr about being induced...thanks for reminding me! nnt next checkup lagi 2 minggu i tanya dia...kalau boleh nak la baby tahun ni...boleh jadi the youngest person dalam kelas. :-P and i can understand your anticipation! i'm feeling it too! hehehe...

3. its a baby *toot*....hahahah...we'll have to wait and see.. :-D

beautifulLIFE said...

hi dear..kalu deliver december nnt leh geng dgn adlina!heheheh..i was induced..coz adlina pun dah berak dlm perut..yeah dia overdue ler..suka sgt dok dlm perut lama2..warm and comfy la tu :P

rasa sekejap jer kan?dont u think? adlina pun dah almost 1year..huuuhh kejapnye masa berlalu. cherish every moment being pregnant tau..heheheh

fab said...

1. hehe..i tade masuk blog semua org dah tukar layout ye hmm

2. eeiii bestnye. cant wait to see ur baby too. first baby sure tak kisah boy or girl kan...normally yg second baby yg akan kisah sikit hehe

3. anyways semua org keliling i cakap i'll get baby girl, tapi dr nie asyik cakap boy saje. i terima aje! i havent bought anything tau..

4. well best nye u dpt buat dua checkup arr..u know since i met u that day i tanya my dr if i need to get kad merah. lepas tu i kena lecture dgn dia panjang berjela..thank god i dont have to get kad merah.

5. do update us yah..

6. ish panjangla komen..buat mcm blog sendiri pulak.

Bidadari said...


1. tukar layout sebab kebosanan...bukannya reti sangat pun. tapi now sudah tau and tak sabar nak tukar to the next one..tapi tu kemudian² la kot...biar yg ni masam dulu... :-D

2. kitaorg pun tak kisah baby girl or boy..nama dah ada pun for both..haha...the next one? kena tunggu yang ni keluar and besar sikit dulu...hehehe..

3. we bought most of the basic things we think the baby room dah penuh dgn barang yang tak tersusun lagi..hehe..

4. we didn;t tell my dr kat AP about the other checkup...buat tak tau je..sebab in a way, takdelh mengganggu checkup dia. ok, excpt the tetanus shot. but then, i've been meaning to get them pun sebab i nie careless, selalu langgar benda and tak sedar luka until too late.

5. will definitely update you guys...will make sure tank sms everyone! hehehe...

6. i suka komen pepanjang..heck, i suka terima comments...hahha..