Monday, June 9, 2008

Cartoons and TV series...

Remember the cartoons we used to watch as we were growing up? I remember duduk depan TV and tengok Thunder*cats and Transfor*mers everytime balik sekolah...

So suka tengok the cartoons sampai my cousins and i yang satu gang ni masing-masing akan jadi our favourite character in Thundercats! Abang Bo*y would be Lion-O, Mat Re*za (Tygra), Jo*jo - my bro- (Panthro), me (Cheetara), Fair*rol (Wilykat) and Daya*ng (Wilykit)..seriously everytime we gather, we would imagine ourselves to be this great character!

oh boy! what great adventures we had last time...! lari sini sana, lepas tu bising somemore with the laungan 'Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!!!!!"...i guess we made our parents pening kepala with our antics...dahlah mostly boys and the girls pun terjebak sama!

Then you imagine that i could have a crush on robots! well, transformers! i used to think HotRo*d was good looking and oh-so-macho esp bila dia take over from Optimu*s Prim*e! i would play my bro's Transformer*s the movie video banyak kali semata-mata nak tgk HotRo*d...kalau tgk tv, i love the Dinobots! they are like so blur but funny and cool!

ok i sound come anyone would fall for a cartoon character kan? tapi for me it seems so real (masa tu la) tgk cartoons was the only time my bro and i tak bergaduh and we would sit diam-diam tgk tv....unless dia tak suka tgk Jem! hahaha....

Basically my bro and i grew up watching lots of cartoons tapi i takdelah sampai ada action figures like Joj*o..*wink*

Later on, it was cerita Jepun like Oshi*n and Moero Attack (or something like that)...masa tu lah imagine jadi pemain bola tampar terhandal! konon nak practise boleh buat somersault berpusing..sanggup ok, masuk kelab bola tampar semata-mata hype main the sport tu!

well, the geek in me still lives until now..i still love cartoons etc, just takdelah tgk sangat pun...lagipun nowdays kan dah ada comic based movies? most of the time i would watch them unless they look corny or tak real, lain cerita..

since i got married, everytime pergi rumah in-laws and fitr*i's nephew, Afi*q, is at home, he would be watching lots of cartoons over astr*o...cuti sekolah yang baru habis ni pun no exception...

apparently Ben*10 is one of his fave...he would watch it banyak kali sebab suka into it sampai at times, he could hafal the dialogs! not to mention that he had the game, the action figures and all la kan?

i pun somehow terjebak suka tgk the series...selalu nak tau what alien character ben akan jadi this time...bukannya paham sangat pun the jalan cerita to begin with.... :-D

seeing him reminds me of my childhood...tho, he's more fortunatelah sebab ada a few tv channels that caters whatever he wishes to see almost everytime....

whateveritis, i'm glad the idiot box was created and i had a wonderful childhood with my bro and cousins....!


miSs inTerpReted said...

i dulu suka tengok jam! and smurfs. and carebears. tapi jam menjadi favret. huhu...

tun fatimah said...

i pun sukak tengok thundercats, transformers, dan juga silverhawk!! kah..kah..kah..

ps: dulu saya ingat sommersault berpusing adelah possible dan berusaha dengan bersungguh2 untuk buat.. kah..kah..

Bidadari said...

Sabb, i pun suka carebears and smurf...bila dah besar, i begin to wonder, dalam satu kampung smurf tu kenapa ada satu jer female (smurfett*e)? pelikkan? oh, lagi satu yang i suka is my little pony and friends! hahahahahaha....seronok lah cartoons dulu-dulu!

Tun, i tak pernah tgk silverhawk rasanya..he-man adalah...hahaha..somersault berpusingw as the craze lah dulu...surely kelab bola tampar sekolah memana naik keahlian sebab citer tu kan? sayang nowdays takde repeats citer tu...

vanilla latte said...

wahhh..kitorg dulu pun hantu katun. time maghrib sebok ngn thundercats, transformers, GI Joe, He-man. Ptg ada Smurfs, Little Pony, Carebears, Gummi Bears. Pagi ada Jam & The Synergy *time tu gile siap fantasize boleh tuka2 baju best okk! :P* Tom & Jerry adoii byk sgt laaa.

Bab Maero Attack takyah ckp la, sanggup la balik kelas agam awal semata2 tanak miss the intro song. Pastu apa dah citer yg Genie tu..tu pun best gile. Haih.. those good old stuffs :)

sibotak said...

GUMBY!!!!! <-- Listed in Wiki as a potential anti-christ??!!

80's Cartoon rocks!

List of shows yg still boleh recall :

Captain Power
Dino Riders
Saber Riderrrrr...
Bionic Six
Captain Planet

Btw, apsal character yg either botak (Pantro), gemuk (Silverhawk ngan Voltron)and african-american (Captain Planet) mesti i ahh?!

fairul said...

hahahahah!! yes yes.. i remember those times.. and all that were listed.. all were very memorable.. ahhh.. those happy days.. :p

i'm guessing 'sibotak' is bg jojo.. well, in response to your question.. it's because.. i always get the smallest guy character (captain planet, dungeon & dragons, thundercats), and the other two guys (my bro n bg reza) will always conquer the lead hero n main sidekick characters.. so that only leaves you with the oddball character.. hahaha :P