Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simple toys, happy days

I've been one of those mothers that would worry whenever i think Dahlia is not getting as much toys/books compared to other toddlers out there. :-( i mean, admittedly i would be envy when i see other parents would not mind spending an exuberant amount of money just for toys or books, or having the time to look for good bargains for them...

But, about a week ago Dahlia has prove me wrong. Money really doesn't matter when its for her joy or laughter.

A simple green washcloth and her cousin, Afiq (which she would say, not too clearly yet understandable enough, Abang Afeeek) and my MIL would be as good as the most expensive and colourful toy in the world.

She was having a fever, tho it wasn't as high compared to a few days after this event but yet, having a much moody time earlier the evening. Realising that her mood was much better, Afiq took the now dried green washcloth i was using to cool her body and played cak, while at the same time acting silly like those slapstick comedians with funny faces and clumsiness.

She would giggle and giggle, like my MIL likes to say - berkekek ketawa- until terbaring kat katil. We were at my in-laws room as it was much cooler compared to our room (that is the only room w an AC).

The thing was, it wasn't only Afiq that was holding the washcloth or tutup-tarik his face with it...Dahlia, being a funny and dah pandai menyakat girl, would also be doing it with herself. and tak puas hati Afiq je yang kena, she was also doing the same with my MIL who was seated by the bedside reading the kitab while waiting for the Isya' prayer (while FIL was seated kat hujung katil, also reading at the same watching the grandkids punya perangai while waiting)...

I could tell that the kids were not the only one having fun during the whole thing ;-)

Oh, i could still remember their laughters to this day. Fitri has asked me to blog about last week, but then, me as usual biasalah kan? :-P

Not just the green washcloth mind u, apparently, ugly and yet believable rubber spiders (if your kids tak takut la kan) also works wonders! :-)

Dahlia, eventho both Mama and Abah didn't have the opportunity to buy you so much toys as we wish we could give you, you have shown us that even simple, silly things meant a lot for u...Just remember that we love you very very very much and your adorable-ness could melt our hearts. everytime without fail. :-)

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happy is all that matters.