Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm currently addicted to this :

I've known about the series years ago, when it first showed in Astro...tapi tak tgk, i think its becoz we didn't subscribe the movie channel masa tu..or i rather watch something else masa tu..

anyway, this time around, came as an accident. Fitri loves war movies, esp. the second world was in the middle of the nite, dahlia dah tidur and i had to fold the laundry...

seperti biasa, fitri will temankan i do my chores and while doing that, he was watching this. suka tak suka, i kena tgk....and terus tertawan ok? tak kisahlah i dah missed beberapa episode pun..

(since i malas nak menaip pepanjang tgh-tgh malam ni, i got this from Wikipedia) : Band of Brothers is a 2001 ten-part television World War II miniseries based on the book of the same title written by historian and biographer Stephen Ambrose.

The narrative centers on the experiences of E Company ("Easy Company") of the 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, from Easy's basic training at Toccoa, Georgia, through the American airborne landings in Normandy, Operation Market Garden, the Battle of Bastogne and on to the end of the war[1].

since that day, i would tgk whenever its repeated over the idiot box until one day, i basically racun fitri to buy the box set..heheheh.

gila tak gila, i even surf the net to find out about the real E company (where the series is based on)...! hehehe....

i seriously think this is one of the best series i've watched. and yes, they d have good looking guys (i could imagine fitri's rolling his eyes when he reads that part..) but thats beside the point.

the series connects you to the characters. it showed how the war effected these ppl, and others showed how the war was...(of course dalam ni semua special effects, i think the real war lagi teruk la kan)

fitri has been patiently educating me about the military e.g ranks, the grouping and the strategy...of course, some of it i still tak berapa nak paham...

anyway, this series actually mengubah my minat towards war movies. i really dig it.

of course, kalau locally made movie i akan tgk bukit kepong...yg u je pun yg i ingat. sarjan hassan tak tgk sampai habis....hmmm...maybe i shoud buka semula my old buku sejarah to read about our own war...

jees & apin (i know u guys are waiting for me to say this), my fave character is doc. eugene roe. cute ooo! :-P oh, leut. spiers pun ensem gak (dia yg berlakon jadi bapa siapa ntah dalam gossip girls)


athirah said...

kak anne! i also looove band of brother! watched it 5 times already..i guess i have too much time on my hands.haha awesome ok. those two my fav characters as well..speirs is hot! i pun suka all this WW2 movies.boleh gang.

tank said...

I've watched:
WW2 movies
-Sarjan Hassan*
-Paths of Glory
-Saving Private Ryan*
-The Bridge on The River Kwai
-The Great Escape*
-Enemy At The Gates*
-The Longest Day*
-All Quite On The Western Front
-Battle of The Bulge
-Guns of Navarone
-Castle Keep
-Empire of The Sun (kira war ke?)
-Flags of Our Fathers
-Force 10 From Navarone
-Lion of The Desert*
-Memphis Belle
-Band of Brothers (series)
and many more tak ingat tajuk..

Non WW2
-Full Metal Jacket
-Heaven & Earth
-Hamburger Hill
-Live From Baghdad
-Generation Kill (series)