Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High on milk

breastpump - RM368;
bottles - RM44;
nursing cover - RM29;
diapers - RM36;
striliser - RM16 or RM200...
watching your child drink milk and then smile (even masa dah tidur and still dok minum) - priceless.

Dahlia is 4 days away from celebrating her 2 month old birthday and she's growing fact, she's getting taller and badan pun dah makin sedap-sedap eventho she's still tiny...

a few of her baju esp the sleep jumpers dah tak muat sebab kaki dia panjang. she's a very active and alhamdulilah a very happy baby. yes, she does cry loudly but then again, baby mana yang tak menangis kan?

she loves to smile and kena dukung. she sees the world with amazement tru her big round almond shaped (?) eyes...

and she loves to isap nenen. boy, does she loves to drink her susu..! :-) kalau terlepas je dari mulut, mesti mencari and latch on terus. kalau tak dapat, she would be fussy and mencuba sampai dapat.

and if she does dozed off apabila dah kenyang, she would give this heart-melting smile sambil tutup mata. kinda reminds me when ppl high with something they like.

since day 1, Dahlia has been drinking susu badan directly. only recently she minum expressed breastmilk (ebm) tru botol. itupun sekali sehari and kalau i sempat nak pump.

alhamdulilah she boleh terima botol. i was worried as i will be going back to work tomorrow (argh!). tho, i'm ot sure how much she drinks as i could only get about 2 oz whenever i pump in the afternoon.

it is very frustrating and yes, i do know u need to pump a few times a day. but i don't have the kesempatan and Dahlia drinks almost every 2 hours..anyway,i do it at least once a day.

but if dapat lebih 3 oz, i will keep it in the freezer, jadikan stok for her when i go to work. if tak simpan, habis takde susu utk dia...

i wasn't worried if dia tak minum botol di rumah sebab i'm still at home and dia boleh minum direct. i am very-very extremely worried if stok susu takde while i'm at work.

as most babies, Dahlia juga suka menghisap. but dia tak suka sama sekali pacifier. she would spit it out whenever its in her mouth. and we have changed pacifier, mind u.

i have to admit that masa memula i almost gave up on breastfeeding because it is very hard and tiring...but fitri and my family has been supporting me and alhamdulilah sampai sekarang i'm still bf her...

when i think about it, bf does create this magical bond between the mother and baby. and my heart aches when i think about going back to work and unable to bf my baby....i even cried yesterday sebab sebak nak tinggalkan dahlia at home.

i believe my parents will be great with dahlia, its just that i wont be there to play, feed, bathe her...

i pray that i could get home early, before her bed time to feed and see her...being in this industry, i realise its hard. our waktu kerja is never normal. but i will try my best & lebih rajin agar dapat balik awal...azam baru ni...

anyway, i think bf rawks! just kena tabah, sabar (sangat-sangat bersabar) and buat tak tau when ppl pandang u pakai the nursing cover while bf... :-) ( i so love the nursing cover!! and the pillow...sangat-sangat berguna!)


Queen Of The House said...

You're already going back to work? Already? Where did the time go?

Good luck with ebm. It takes effort and patience but you will be very glad you did it. Persevere persevere persevere. Try to pump at work too, if possible.

And ... mestilah Dahlia tak nak the pacifier. Would you want to suck on a tasteless rubbery smelly thing? It's good too if she doesn't become attached to a pacifier. Hodoh betul tengok budak2 with their pacifiers attached to them, worse still plopped in their mouth. Macam adik Bart Simpson tu ... whatshername? Maggie?

Bidadari said...

Aunty L, sekejap je kan? i wish that goverment mengharuskan companies to give 88 day of maternity leave...baru best sket sebab it will definitely give the mother-baby time to truly bond. :-P

will pump at work also. am packing my stuff to bring ke sana - the pump and its set, containers, cooler, steriliser+container, span+sabun cuci the funnel etc...

thank youfor the kata-kata semangat. will try to bf as long as possible.

yes, maggie is the name.:-P

miSs inTerpReted said...

Anne, am very very proud of you and your determination to fully breastfeed Dahlia.

I wish and hope that I will be able to do the same with my next boy.

And, I think its good that Dahlia is not on pacifier.:)

Oh..good luck with work. Time flies when you are happy and contented, kan?

beautifulLIFE said...

anne!!kejap jer masa berlalu..huhuh..and yess..esok mesti u akan sedey..i pun nangis jugak masa 1st day tinggalkn not to woory coz u dia duduk dgn granpapa&grandmama!mesti xtra care punya. so,dah ready nak pump kat ofis..pleaseeeee dont give tau..i suka giler dgr u ebm..try to pump at least 2times at the office.sebenarnya org kata 3kali kalu nak byk kan susu i faham work env u..double pump can really save ur time.dont forget to drink lots of water tau!takpe anne eventually nnt u pro la about bf me. :,

Anonymous said...

kat sini byk info utk bf

Royalshoppingarcade said...

what?its been 2 months??ya Allah, i still remember the first day we met kat kedai makan mak ngah.cepatnya masa berlalu.
I second QOTH. My children semua i tak kasi pacifier.takut gigi jongang.not that anak2 i cantik pun giginya.semua berlubang, byk sgt makan sweets.not that I condone makan sweets ...anyway, goodluck with work and bf.bagus that you are sticking to BF.masa I pegi keje, i kasi botol and susu formula.tak pump pun.
balik malam baru la kasi breastmilk.

fabulous said...

anne i had to do exactly what u say - buat tak tau bila org pandang kita pakai nursing cover in public. i did that twice already - marche & nandos. tgh sedap2 makan & baby screaming for milk. malas nak lari cari nursing room i terus pasang cover :) **tapi first time rasa malu.. merah je muka i wpun takde sapa yg tengok & kisah actually**

luckily i beli nursing cover yg comel from itsy bitsy. senang juge nak pakai.

Bidadari said...

sabb, thank you *hugs*...i am very determined. and i realise its not going to be easy and i do miss dahlia at lot when i'm working. sekejap je 2 months tu...isk.

i wish u all the best with AA too! :-)

tak bg pacifier kot since dahlia mmg takmo...dia suka lgi nenen mama dia..haha.

sha, thank you sooo much for your support!!*hugs* and so far mmg pump dua kali je sempat...i bawa 2 funnels tapi tak double pump coz my milk tak berapa banyak sangat lagi. *sigh*

anon, thank you...selalu juga surf internet dlm bebenda bf ni..:-)

kak putri, sekejap je kan masa berlalu? :-P i pun tak caya and i wish i could have more time with dahlia....

we basically give up on the pacifier. bagus juga takmo sbb dia mmg suka minum susu...

nana, i suka giler the nursing cover! in fact i dah beli lagi satu utk pakai masa dok pam susu kat office. (the other one tinggalkan dalam diaper bag dahlia). itsy bitsy kat mana?

Jas said...

Hi Anne!

Oh, I love that pic of her bottle feeding.. she's totally focused on her Mama's face. It's so touching! And cerdik nya! She's still so small and yet she can already focus macam tu!

Are you working this weekend? Can I come over? I miss my favourite niece!